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[Body Size Measurement]

Height (not including head): 60 cm
Neck circumference: 10.5 cm
Shoulder width: 14 cm
Chest circumference: 28 cm
Arm: 20 cm
Around the wrist: 6 cm
Waist: 21 cm
Hip: 26 cm
Leg: 33.7 cm
Foot size: 8.5 cm
Around the ankle: 9 cm
※ 73cm when wearing head heel parts


Prototype Production: I.O.S Inc.
· Eye: 14 mm
· Head size: 8 - 9 inch
· Wig: "Black Butler Book of Circus" Grelle Sutcliff Castor Doll Special Specification
· Head: "Black Butler Book of Circus" Grelle Sutcliff - Original Head
· Dress: "Black Butler Book of Circus" Ver. Costume

Character Doll-I.O.S

"Black Butler Book of Circus" Grelle Sutcliff Cast doll

Model Number: 4562336880177

Order Start Date: Dec. 22, 2016, 7:00 p.m.
End of Order: Feb. 27, 2017, 11:59 p.m.
Payment due: by Feb. 28, 2017, 3:00 p.m.
*Time zone is JST UTC+9

Cast doll of character Grelle Sutcliff appears from popular animation Black Butler Book of Circus!

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Black Butler Book of Circus Character Doll Series No. 4
Burnett Red Butler Grelle Sutcliff appeared as a cast doll!

◇ By making IOS, which is well-established in real modeling and the creativity, bizarre and crazy character is beautifully reproduced in 3 dimensions.
◇ In the head modeling, Jaggy teeth of the mouth which maximize character madness expresses the characteristic of Grelle as it is.
◇ The costume has completely reproduced the texture and fitting texture of the fabric, such as booty from madam red crimson coat · indispensable for light movement heel boots.
◇ Grelle s Death scythe Chainsaw will also be included so please recreate your favorite scene!

※ Limited reservation orders will be accepted, but it may be terminated without prior notice as soon as the planned quantity is reached.
※ We will send you a reservation completion email message when the reservation is completed.
※ Please note that goods will not be secured at the time of including in the cart.
※ Delivery of products will be started sequentially from September 2017. (Depending on the situation of production, it will become before or after the original schedule.)
Detailed schedule will be notified at the selling site after the reservation period ends.

※ Layaway is Accepted with longest monthly installment.

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
※ Normal Skin
※Heel Foot Only
→If you would like to have Flat Foot please >>>PROCEED HERE For more details.
・Make Up
※"Black Butler Book of Circus" Special Makeup
※ 1 pair of Emerald · Green 2
・Outfit / Dress
· Coat
· Shirt
· Ribbon
· Best
· Slacks + Wallet Chain
· Armband
· Gloves
※ "Black Butler Book of Circus" Ver.
※ Heel boots
· Death scythe "Chainsaw"
· Glasses · Glasses Chain

Publisher: Borderless / DOLK
Manufacturer: I.O.S Inc.
(C) Horizontal / Square Enix · Black Butler Project · MBS