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2017.03.27 [LUTS] They produce cute Lop Bunny Ear for your Msd, SD or even tiny. Please take a look now!!
2017.03.27 [BAMBI CRONY] See their latest cute tiny doll, SHY. Look at her in her Light Blue skin color. Her clothes looks they really prepare well.
2017.03.27 [DEARMINE] Release new limited and new basic doll from Tiny to MSD. please take a look to see those cute dolls.
2017.03.20 [LOONGSOUL DOLL] Meet Narcissus, a fairy version doll released. She belong to SD size, her dress is another stylish and artistic made. You can buy separately as well.
2017.03.20 [MIGIDOLL] Another 2 new cute tiniy dolls released meet Mia and Yuno. They also offer 10% off until April 10. Please take a glance with them.
2017.03.20 [GLIB] They release their basic doll Ohh Rosie, a tiny doll a complete package with free additional hand parts.
2017.03.20 [AIMERAI] They released their latest new 2 basic doll, meet Gwyn and Glyn. Both are SD doll you can order as full-set. Their outfit represent the EU noble dress an ancient style dress.
2017.03.20 [LITTLE MONICA] Released new basic doll, LILY. She is offer 10% off for opening. She is SD and you can choose gender body option.
2017.03.20 [BLUE FAIRY] Released their nano fairy 2nd edition. Very cute fairy doll, please order before until Mar 22, 2017 only.
2017.03.13 [NEW PARTNER] Now we can accept your favorite doll from DollShe. You will see more dolls is coming! As a start we offer 30% discount. Please take a glance.
2017.03.13 [ANNOUNCEMENT]We apologize for the delay of shipping, KUROSHITSUJI (Black Butler) Ciel Phantomhive Cast Doll Erithacus Dress Ver. (Full Set), This will be ship at the end of this month (March). Thank you for bearing with us!
2017.03.06 [DOLL LEAVES] Announcing the last acceptance order for the 26cm, 20cm, 16cm, 12cm dolls is ended until this month March 2017. For now you can order with 15% discount. Please memo us if you order in any of this lines mentioned.
2017.02.20 [ANNOUNCEMENT] We change our official email address to Please contact our customer service in this email. We no longer use but you can still pay in PayPal in this email address.

【DOLK×BJD CROBI】Zack Limited-White Love Edition- semi-immediate payment

Special Collaboration of DOLK and Crobi. We have few remaining left!!

【DOLK×Bunny Bunny】Iris Dreaming Ms.Valentine 2017

We have three available of her. Limited copies only!


A tiny doll of Crobi. She is one of the T line ver. along with Strawberry and Blueberry Macaroon.

【Period & Quantity Limited Event】CHAOS With makeup

Re-release of IOS, "Chaos" is one of their famous basic SD doll!

W124_E/Pale Turquoise

8-9 Wig from Leeke World. 3 stocks!


One of the cute basic doll of CROBI. Temptation Body (Integrated Type)...

[2017.2 Pre-Order]LA000325 Coat - DD & SD10/13 Girl

New dress from Doll Heart, few available only for SD Girl!

OSCAR 40cm Boy

Cute Oscar, of Doll Leaves, we have one incoming stock of him!

Bel-1B (8 inch)

We have wigs available for this, 2 more left for your SD doll.

Antong 2 Fullset

A basic doll of Myou Doll. You can have her in full-set!

[2017.2 Pre-Order]LD000721 Blue Uniform

This dress includes, Shirt, skirt, underpants, coat, hat, socks. It is coming stock!

Western Boots

Western Boots for your SD Doll, from Sadol Maker. Only one left!


She is available with Sleeping Head and Unique Type Ear.

Dress Corsage/indi pink

From Dearmine corsage, but can use to your MSD doll!

【Limited】[Girls secret-summer] Blue set Free Size

Dress for this coming summer, for your SD doll from Sadol!

【Limited time offer】 Fashion watch - 2. Gold & Black

Watch for SD with other colors!!


[Limited] FairyLine Sircca Full Option Package

【DOLK×Bunny Bunny】Iris Dreaming Ms.Valentine 2017

【DOLK×BJD CROBI】Zack Limited-White Love Edition- semi-immediate payment