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SNOWY 2nd color "ICE WORLD"

Item in stock Limited Accessorie 20cm

Introducing "Snow 2nd Ice World" , the snowman living in the ICE World.
The whole figure is made by Blue Luminous Material, and the surface painted with pearl blue.

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This was well-made to show and perform color gradient. The scarf design is striped, while the bucket is ice-like and translucent. You can also put the mini ice liquid on the figure is head.

One of the exquisite details are the "Buttons" on his chest, are coated by an ice-like soft vinyl. By using pearl paint to increase the glossiness, the buttons look just like they are coated by real ice.

The scarf accessory is specially designed for SNOWY 2nd color, and every single scarf is handmade by their in-house artisan.

The figure hands resemble gloves, and are blue and flocked. Apart from the hands, the bucket, tail, and snow on both feet are flocked as well, this time in white.

There are six flocked parts in total, and the combination of these with the translucent luminous blue body, bucket and wood-like buttons create a delicate effect on the figure appeal.

The blue luminous body will glow in the dark. When I put it on the snow, it creates a realistic ice world effect.

【Set Contents】
- Blue G.I.D
- Product Info:SNOWY, ICE LIQUID x1pc, mini ice liquid x1pec,Bucket x1pec, Muffler x1pec
- Specifications:Some Flocked Parts / ICE LIQUID two sizes / Blue G.I.D / Muffler - Handmade
- Height:255mm