Tips to Consider When Buying BJD Clothes

BJD clothes are fast becoming a thing. Whether its suits of evening dresses, a lot of people have seen the awesome fashion that is being represented by these dolls and they are falling deeper and deeper in love with them.

Looking to get on the BJD bandwagon? Consider the following factors:

Your body shape

This is definitely the most important factor to be considered. When you get some BJD clothes that you fancy, you need to ensure that they fit properly. If they don’t, then you might have to leave them alone. Clothes should fit, regardless of any other factor.

What are you going for?

If you choose to go for a more casual look, then it means that you desire an “everyday” type of clothing. You’re not really looking to wear this anywhere spectacular. If you need something sexy, on the other hand, then you’re looking for something to show off a little skin.

Basically, ensure that you know what you’re going for and this will help you to narrow your selection.

The trends

BJD clothes are not as popular as various other forms of clothing (yes, it’s true). However, this does not necessarily mean that they are not subject to trends. Trends- when it comes to BJD clothes– are very unsettled, and they are subject to constant change. To wit make sure that you do your research and that you know what you’re trying to get.


BJD clothes can also be quite expensive. You need to consider your pocket and how much you’re willing to spend on the BJD clothes. If these clothes fit perfectly into your budget, then you’re free to spend on them

doll outfit


BJD clothes are unlike many other clothes. This means that their maintenance will also be pretty peculiar. You need to consider how easy it is to get these clothes washed, and you also need to ensure that you know the right methods to wash them. When you use a washing machine to wash a set of BJD clothes that should ideally just be washed with the hands due to the strength of their fabrics, you won’t be having those clothes for long.

The prevalent weather

The prevalent weather should also play an important role in your decision. While summer might accommodate basically anything, you will definitely want to narrow down your selection when winter rolls by. Make sure that you put comfort into consideration and make sure that your selection won’t go against the prevalent weather.


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