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List Of Cap Wears You Should Opt For Your Ball-Jointed Dolls

When it comes to doll fashion, your doll could be wearing the most dashing pair of outfits, but then the hats could go wrong then again ruining your expectation for your dolls look. Cap accessories for dolls are just so tricky that we got to ask a lot of questions on the way. Is it okay to wear a baseball cap with a dress? How my doll does looks like with a cap and a leather pants? Should I even bother adding caps to my dolls outfit?

The answer is yes! You should consider wearing your gorgeous doll a hat. As long as it is worn correctly. Luckily, we’ve picked up some basic rules for you to consider every time you dress up your doll, with a hat.

baseball cap

1. Baseball Caps

The use of baseball caps could never go wrong with the right doll outfit. The sophisticated nature of leather baseball cap can elevate the typical leather dress and boots. Just don’t ever wear a doll Hat when your doll’s dressed up formally pretending to be on a red carpet.

Another stylish addition is when you try to wear your doll’s baseball cap backward. With a doll’s leather jacket outfit and a casual baseball cap is worn backward, your doll will surely give an aura of feminine coolness.

2. Beanie Hats

A beanie could also look good on a doll with a leather skirt, sneakers, or a red bold lipstick. Again, no beanies for formal doll outfits.

Also, a pair of a loose-at-the-top beanie with tight skinny jeans for your doll would do a great combination.

Check out this very easy, no-knit, no-sew instant doll hats. You don’t need to worry if you can’t knit or crochet, just prepare a sock, rubber bands, scissors, hot glue, and you’re good to go. How? Check the sample below:


  1. Turn the wrong side out and make two cuts, one just above the heel and one below the heel.
  2. Take a rubber band and wrap it around the end you want to be the top of your cap.
  3. Turn the caps right side out. You will need to hem the toe end of one cap with glue.
  4. You can now enhance your heart’s desire and use for your doll’s outfit.

3. Woven Hats

If your doll has typical worn-in jeans and white blouse outfit for a display, then a woven hat is perfect. This could give you the impression that your doll’s going to be standing on a perfect spring daytime outfit.

In addition to that, if your doll is with a flowery-patterned sundress outfit, a woven hat could also never go wrong. Just imagine buying your doll a picnic or outdoor party set, then the outfit would be perfect.

4. Knitted Doll Hats

What’s so beautiful about your doll when they wear knitted doll hats is the fact that it feels very personalized.

Most often than not, when you buy a doll set, there is an inclusion of a doll set designed to complement the doll’s chosen outfit or theme. But if you wanted to make your own doll’s hat more special, then consider the following tips below.

General Tips for Making Your Own Doll Caps

1. Choose a style

There are a variety of styles that you can choose from when it comes to designing your own doll’s hat. If you want something personalized and if you are skilled to do knit or crochet, then a beanie would be perfect. If you like paper folding, then you can try making a paper bonnet.

2. Make sure of the measurements

Once you have decided the style of hat that you want to reward to your doll, then it is necessary to measure the size of your doll’s head. The measurement of dolls varies according to the type of dolls used, for example, a Barbie doll has different measurement than American Girl dolls or ball-jointed dolls.

To get an accurate measurement, measure the circumference of the doll’s head right above the ears. Then, measure the height of the head from the ears upward.

3. Assemble supplies

After getting the measurements, collect the needed materials to craft the hat of your chosen style. Depending on the complexity and style, you may need the following materials: fabric colored yarn, knitting needles, crochet hook, craft paper, pins, glue, measuring tape, scissors, and other.

4. Crafting the Hat

After gathering the necessary materials, you can now begin the process of crafting your doll’s hat. You can form a hat base using a card stock and the measurements obtained. Just create a tube with the circumference of the doll’s head and then shape it according to the intended design. For a knit hat, it is usually a beanie style featuring a circular design worked upward from the brim and finished with an I-cord, tassel, or braid. For crocheted hats, it is somewhat similar to a knit hat. But you make it from the top down. You can begin with a magic circle and works in the chain and double chain rounds until the hat reaches the necessary measurements.

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