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2021.03.29 [I.O.S] New SEZZ is available in a 70cm & the old 1 will be available in a 40cm, limited time only!
2021.03.29 [2D Doll] Release their new doll at a discounted price in a limited time only!
2021.03.29 [FAIRYLAND] 3 Days Left for their new pre-order dolls!
2021.03.29 [DREAM VALLEY] Dream Valley New Cute Dolls! Take a look at this now, they also offer them at a discounted price!
2021.02.26 [ANNOUNCEMENT] Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to announce that this coming March 1, 2021. Our Paypal account will be changed.
Starting March 1, 2021, all payment transactions should be sent to our new account:
Thank you and have a great day!
2021.02.22 [DOLL CAHTEAU] New Unique dolls at 10% off in a very limited time only!
2021.02.22 [AIMERAI] New Gorgeous Dolls!
2021.02.22 [RAM CUBE] BJD Head in-stock now at a limited item only!
2021.02.10 [EVENT] Chinese New Year Event "The Lucky Bag" in a limited time only!
2021.01.22 [DOLLZONE] Check this out, Ray is the newest doll that they have, you can purchase his head and dress separately!
2021.01.22 [ROSEN LIED] Soph is a new cute doll, she is so lovely! Limited time only!
2021.01.22 [RING DOLL] New gorgeous works of Ringdoll are available in a very limited time only!
2021.01.22 [DEAR MINE] Update, new pre-order dolls almost end!
2020.12.28 [MONOCHROME] Heel Feet for Guys & shoes is now up for order again!
2020.12.28 [SWAN DOLL] New beautiful girls are here Haru & Miya, pre-order in a limited time only!
2020.12.28 [I.O.S] also re-sale their gorgeous parts, they have lots of them!
2020.12.28 [RAM CUBE] re-sale their gorgeous BJD heads, limited time only!
2020.12.28 [2D DOLL] KAKA & KALE is now at a discounted price, limited time only!
2020.12.15 [DOLK EVENT] Christmas day & New Year Eve where people are sharing and giving not just gifts but love, joy, and harmony during this season.
2020.12.15 [ATTACK ON TITAN] For those who miss the information about these BJDs, Eren Yeager & Captain Levi is still up for order! Notice:We will be closed saturdays and sundays.