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N.FLYNN Enufurin Korean bag manufacturer to produce a carry bag that can carry the doll. Handling abundant colors in classic design, bags with vintage stickers with retro feel are also popular.

Winterrain Studio

A Korean doll maker that mainly produces 60cm Boy dolls and accessories. It is popular among women because of its boy-like beauty.

2D Doll

2D Doll China manufacturer which was founded in 2014. Mainly, they make dolls with heads which are modeled to fit with animetic eyes. Their unique style and pretty girls' dolls are popular.

36.5 ℃

36.5 °C Korean doll maker who mainly manufactures de Baby Doll. Wrist and elbow, ankle and knee are characterized by a natural and smooth body line without spherical joints. It is also equipped with accessories for babies full of concepts.

Alice in Labyrinth

This maker is mainly manufacturing a girl doll of the classic feature. A girl body of 1/3 sized of AiL - Dolls and 1/4 sized of AiL-Dolls mini is made not to see a slit of joints, and it has the atmosphere like the bisque doll.

Aileen Doll

The most popular is the pet doll name "DRAGON". There is also other variety of animal dolls.


Doll that is created is like in the world of fairy tales likely. America and manufacturers based in Hong Kong.


They produces doll clothes mainly. It's almost dressy and characterized by the gorgeous patterns of flowers.

Amors & Amors Dolly

Professional manufacturer of clothes. I am mainly making sweet, fairy tale cute costumes.

Angell Studio

It is a very famous and well known maker as a pioneer of the BJD manufacturer in China. Mainly they produce Oriental-style design. Their original unique themes fascinate a lot of fans.

Art figure
Art figure

Other Collectibles Artworks, Non-BJD products. This product has a unique creativity and own signatures artworks.

Ash in Noon

Authentic Korean manufacturers to expand the Cat's Eye of the resin material that is printed "cat's eye" to the iris design of Doll eye dropped. The writer is full of love for cats.

Asleep Eidolon

China doll manufacturer since December 2005. Handling wide range from 12 cm to 70 cm sizes. Mermaid boys and girls dolls are sold in a limited purpose. They are currently concerned for expansion.


This group produces girl, boy and fairy dolls. Almost the doll is produced with small size comparatively. Especially the doll with tan skin, which harmonizes well with its shaping, as one of the popular products.

Be with you

These company famous on their original doll name Age 27, they also produce cute boys and girls doll. Body have a reputation to the movement of the joint.

Beautiful Mentalworld

A Doll eye maker from Korea that produces a wide range of size and beautiful variety of eye designs from fantasy to realistic Eyes.


Specialty brand of a manufacturer is MSD (39.5 cm) sizes and beautiful modeling quality and a Korean manufacturer that features real modeling.


They express the image of students at the prestige school in Europe. Lots of people are fascinated by their near and trim features.

Bunny Bunny
bunny bunny

A popular outfit makers Nine9 Style, now they started to make their own modeling features dolls.

Candy Dream

Korean doll maker who is producing a candy doll featuring 15cm size animated chic big eyes and 2 head head figures.

Character Doll

It is collaboration of DOLK to other Makers and to the copy right company. The dolls made from the famous Manga and Anime Personality. It is really observe the quality of each items.

Charles Creature Cabinet

Dutch doll maker. Their products are unique tiny animal dolls or fairy dolls in palm size.

Charm Doll

China Doll Maker founded in 2009. Manufacturers of "LoongSoulDoll" are working on shaping, characteristic manufacturers of distinctive dolls added with casual feel while leaving the atmosphere of a unique Oriental.


ChicaBi makers dealing with sizes ranging from 26 cm to 56 cm. There are many dolls of images that look like girls, fluffy. Former Chica Bonita


13cm sized Rabbits and Cats are the Main item and their moldings are essentially identical to animal. Especially the shape of limbs of hands and feet are special. Newly released human dolls are also finished along with the features of dolls of rabbits and cats.


Doll costume specialty brand. Girly colorful and cute dress has attracted attention.

Coll KY


They believe that dolls must be " good looked". The beautiful dolls of men and women have a reputation for their detailed make-up and are also ambitious for creating new products.


A Korean manufacturer that produces outfits of various sizes. Focusing on lovely costumes, we also develop casual designs.


16cm ~ 65cm Korean manufacturer. A company composed of several professional artists where the artists only make 100% handmade products. These artists create carefully crafted dolls.


They mainly produce the 'Cat Doll'. The 'Cat doll' has a variety of size from small to big, and win the lots of animal lovers' favor.


A Korean doll maker with a distinctive pale make-up. In addition to humanoids, also we have animal dolls.


Chinese doll manufacturer. We have released already many doll. hand parts that technology is running up high especially of finger joints are popular.


Variation A Korean doll manufacturer who makes handmade eyes sticking to rich colors and materials. Many restricted eyes are produced with motifs of flowers and the universe, all dealing only with A quality products sticking to quality.


This area is where you can see all of the Dolk original Event.


The original items of DOLK. This item will be ship from Philippines. If you purchase items from DOLK ORIGINAL, and you also purchase an item from other maker's, additional shipping fee will charge. We ask for your understanding in this matter. Thank You!



These dolls would make you impressed with their soft and faint expression. The name of this brand 'BOM' means the spring in Korean, and their clean make-up also expresses the atomosphere matching well with spring.


The creators who have an unique philosophy of doll. The dolls have the atmosphere almost of art.


They have once produced the animaldolls ' Pet Ari' mainly. Recently presenting the human dolls of big size actively.


The Hong Kong manufacture specialized in doll clothes. They produce the Gothic style dress mainly. The design to be particular about the detail and the gorgeous set of dress are very popular.

Doll Leaves

Chinese doll manufacturer. Using "Maple Leaf" as a symbol that can recall a beautiful dream, they made a wide range of modern style basic doll from 12 to 70 cm.


'DOLL MORE' is well known with their fantastic and amazing idea. The varied expression of the creative dolls is very attractive. They also deal with a large amount of doll clothes and accessories.


The old chinese manufacture. They create a wide range of dolls from oriental to fantasic style.


A Korean doll maker established in 2015. Make a unique doll featuring dynamic eyes and mouth. It has developed around the 25cm size doll, attracting attention with pretty designs.


Korean manufacturer founded in 2014. It is characterized by expressive doll's shapes, and there are plenty of makeup variations.


"cute & scan Thailand Rich" is the concept of Doll brand. Is developing a following of small doll 40cm in the center, it has attracted attention in the lovely design of the concept Street.

Dollshe Craft

Founded in S. Korea since 2003. A multi-smooth joint structure developed independently & aims high quality doll production. Has delicate expression of heads shape and has sophisticated beauty.

Dollsn Dolls

A manufacturer of Korea that was born in 2018. We mainly produce variety of designs and color wigs, and are stretchy materials, characterized by being able to set naturally in any doll.

Doppel Maiden

A manufacturer from South Korea that produces head parts for 70cm dolls. with their keen crafting, you will sure amaze by their reality-like products.

Dream Valley

Dream Valley is a Chinese doll manufacturer established in 2017. It features an artistic shape and a unique body. We produce from 1/12 size dolls to 1/4 size dolls.

DreamHigh Studio

Dream High Studio Indonesia manufacturer releasing a small Mini dolls of about 5cm size. None has become a full fantasy tone concept.


They produce the girl doll mostly. The mellow and warm atmosphere would make you healed.

Drink Me

A costume maker for ball jointed dolls from South Korea that creates elegant dresses for your dolls. from gown to casual dresses, you can see how their craft are made of beauty.

Elicoco Doll

This is a Korean manufacturer that produces fairy tale and cute dolls and costumes. There are adorable animal dolls with deformed shapes and dolls for boys and girls whose facial expressions are innocent.


A Korean manufacturer that handles a wide range of three-dimensional objects, from high-quality resin eyes to dolls and figures. All the doll eyes with a fine iris design that bring life to the doll the moment you put it on. Each one is carefully finished as a work of art.


Popular manufacturer and fantastic creation. Size development is also rich from palm-sized doll to a large doll.


A Korean doll maker mainly producing male head parts for the 70cm class. The realistic face is a neat model that shows high expressiveness. The manufacturer name, FHSH, is an abbreviation for "Fulled Heaven x Sealed Heaven".

Flower B

Korean manufacturers to produce specialized in head accessories for the doll. It is finished with beads and crystals representing flowers and rain that are the main concept of "flower rain".


Flower and junior Animal taste is mixed, a Chinese manufacturer who produces a fantastic and unique doll.


Poveo Korean doll maker. A girl with a lovely atmosphere is characteristic. 40cm size of the doll is the main, it has also made 1/6 doll.


A manufacturer that specialized tailor, costumes. High quality and detailed technology can be seen in each product.

Gem of Doll

Chinese doll maker. I am producing a fantasy taste girl and a boy's doll that motifs an angel and a fairy, and we also deal with clothes for dolls.


Doll maker from Korea. A large number of rich doll and peripheral supplies other than Doll. The shop has developed under the brand name of "MUDOLL".


Chinese doll manufacturer. Characteristic is realistic modeling. It also reads likely modeling technology to individual personality overwhelmed.

Guu Doll

Goo Doll China doll manufacturer. Doll and clothes made with the theme of elegant atmosphere of European style are the main.

Huajing Doll

Furjin Doll A Chinese doll manufacturer founded in 2013. It handles a large number of fantasy-style dolls, and features unique creations.

(Immortality Of Soul)

This manufacture produces the doll of big size. Lots of women love their beautiful and diginified doll. The body of doll is made elaborately and keeps the high quality.


Doll Maker from China that develops animetic and cute dolls. They mostly produced 40cm class.


A Chinese doll maker, founded since 2012. Fantasy is the basic model, they got inspiration from the Moon, Wind, Forest & Shadow. They have clothes & Shoes as well.


A Korean manufacturer that produces casual items for boys and girls. Proposing a unique doll lifestyle, it is gaining popularity.

Kids Sky
Kids sky

Chinese doll maker founded in 2013. There is commitment to the materials of the resin and handmade costumes, accessories and the doll to be produced has a classic atmosphere.


A doll maker from Korea with their specialty on making your doll make up's lively and beautiful.

Kream Doll

Korea's doll maker founded in 2012. 2.5 Moca (deer) · Pino (rabbit) · Ru (sheep) dolls are popular, which are characterized by an upright eye in the body modeling and motifs of animals.


They release a new doll of limited edition time after time. The wig has a good reputation for its vivid color.

Light Limner

Korean Doll Manufacturer, with specialty in make-up artist. The head shows maturity, delicate and beautiful makeup.


Manufacturer that produced a cute doll 30cm size. Modeling to leave innocence is just like as dolls of kindergarten.


They have a good reputation for the detailed make-up. Creating the doll of the eccentric design with high quality.

Little US House


Chinese doll manufacturer. It’s also particular about photography of items. It unite Chinese tradition and a fantasy to produce dolls with the 80cm size. The items are very unique and the original body shape is very special.

Lullaby Poem

Lullaby Poem Chinese wig maker. He mainly produces girls' designs and produces many variations.


Korean long-established manufacturer, which was founded in 2000. We have deployed a lot of doll in 13 different lineup. Animal doll ZUZU series, is popular especially from the fans.

Mamma Shop

A Korean manufacturer that mainly produces dolls with cute baby animals. specializes in modeling with a rounded and soft view.


Famous articulated doll from Japan Maker. the 80 joints and 240 or more figures you can make!! They pursue for the evolutionary perfect body of doll.


Creating the small and cute doll. Except the doll, they deal with the doll clothes, shoes and wig.


MINISH Korean furniture for dolls, accessories sales professional manufacturer. We produce simple and casual products such as chairs and other daily necessities for 60-70 cm sizes, bags and musical instruments.

Miracle Doll

Miracle Doll Strange and beautiful view of the world is characterized by Chinese doll manufacturer. Cats, including concepts such as demons, unique head modeling with the eyes of five has become a manufacturer of symbol.

Monde Dieux


New Korean doll manufacturer. Most of the models are popularize as simple, with cute lips. They also make special heads only.

Moonstone Doll

Doll Eye specialty store. Moonstone doll, produce resin eye with unique gloss and excellent transparency. The theme of shining glittering jewelry and flower are popular.


Myou Doll

The Chinese doll manufacturer established in November, 2015.The concept of clothes at their popular line "Big Baby" is a matching outfits of boys and girls. So even with the same taste you can enjoy it with different way.


They are specializing in Head making. They pruduce the very impressive head, and also wig.

Night Noble Queen

Manufacturer dealing with kimono. I am producing clothes in a high quality kimono system like a Japanese doll.


A manufacture specializing in doll clothes. They have a good reputation for the detailed tailoring and high quality.



They create the animal dolls in the main. The trademark of this company is 'Scon', which is very popular among fans with its unique and funny design.


A Korean manufacturer that mainly produces clothes and accessories. The attention to detail such as frills and pleats is characteristic.


The manufacture creating the girl dolls mainly from the point of view of women. There is a variety of dolls which has a cool and lovely face.


Penguin Workshop Hong Kong wig manufacturer. With a focus on design for girls, it has a trendy style and color wig.


The cat doll is most popular at this company. The polished shape of doll could be called as almost 'art'.

Plume Doll

Plume Doll A Chinese doll maker that develops unique small animal dolls. Characterized by a unique and colorful deformation.


A Korean manufacturer that has been active since 2014. He produces ball-jointed dolls and bisque dolls, and is characterized by elaborate modeling and a soft expression.

Prime Frame

A Korean manufacturer established in 2019 That are good at making dolls for beautiful boys and beautiful girls with rich individuality and expression and sharp modeling


The doll clothes maker specializing in the dress with lots of race and frill. The gorgeous dress using the race with light color is very popular.


Realistic of molding manufacturer. Beauty of the Doll is represented as realistic.


Mainly limited sale often Doll brand. Like fantastic doll stuck to the soft atmosphere of the doll and make, it is showing us every time various facial expressions.


South Korea's Doll Maker Redollent comes up with it's beautiful sculptures. With its fine work of art, dolls are intended to be more elegant and realistic.


The dolls wearing a military uniform are very unique at this maker. They are also particular about the parts of doll and dynamic expressions.


RINGTOYS Ring Toy Popular Manufacturer China manufacturer that develops mainly figures derived from RINGDOLL. Representing the original world view with high quality reproducible even to the details of accessories.

Rosemary town


They have established the delicate beauty of shape like the antique dolls. The elegnat face seems fragile somehow.

Roserin Doll

Korean doll maker. Mainly produced a head of 60 cm doll. All 23 cm bisque dolls are one point as one off doll.

Rosetta Doll

To expand 60cm class of head production to the main, Korean doll manufacturer. Due to its neutral and beautiful shape, it has become a cutting-edge model that is rapidly gaining popularity.


Manufacturers have produced a good looking boy doll. There are up to those that strike an adult atmosphere, each we have dealt with a wide range of type of doll.


Producing the doll clothes in the main, they also started the production of doll. The main doll is the 4 members of bodyguards, 'Royal guard' .


Sartoria Jay A Korean manufacturer who mainly produces a relatively large 60 cm, 70 cm size doll costume. From casual costumes to medieval European costumes, we have developed a wide range of designs. It offers very high quality.

Secret Doll

Doll maker with a unique atmosphere. Modeling of reading difficult girls facial expression has become a work of high art.

Serenade Doll

China manufacturer established in 2014. Mainly make girls' dolls with height 50 cm, head 6 inch. Features slender body shaping with long limbs.


SIO 2 An animated 1/12 size doll that imagined animals is a popular Chinese manufacturer. There is an adherence to the production of accessories of resin material, and it develops from 1/12 size to 1/3 size doll in a wide range of sizes.


Their dolls have the feeling of oppression and the any of the dress is produced delicately to keep the elegant atmosphere.

Souris Etoile

Korean doll maker Souris Etoile. Mainly dealing with SD size doll heads, the beauty of realistic modeling and transparent makeup is highly supported at home and abroad.


The concept of this manufacture is dark and spirituial. you couldn't help being fascinated by the unique and gloomy atmosphere of them.

Studio Naiko

A doll maker featuring artistic modeling. It has a real taste and sophisticated brand design.


centering on Sunny World casual, brand is producing a wide range of items from clothes to accessories.


Korean manufacturer, that produce mainly girl dolls. From 15cm to 65cm pristine dolls, with their own clothing and accessories.


A Korean Manufacturer founded in 2015. Swan Doll make basic doll using Oscar Doll eyes and features a young looking head models.



Korean doll manufacturer, established in 2010. Initially they focused mainly on sales of heads, but now they are handling bodies because the makeup is delicate and doll boys are the main, features.


China Doll Maker founded in 2009. A wide range of sizes from 26 cm to 75 cm and unique doll features from Oriental style to fantasy type.

The Mumu

A manufacturer that handles Korean 26 cm size dolls. It features a doll design with a soft and soft image that is girlish.


A doll maker from China that mainly develops dolls with animated visuals. In addition to dolls, They also produces adorable accessories such as wigs and eyes.

Touken Ranbu
Cast Doll

TREE Design

The doll clothes manufacture creating the new styled products day by day. You may not find the same design with them anywhere else.


They produce the casual doll clothes mainly like the jeans and hooded-T, which have an good reputation for the high quolity.


this is Outfit and accessory maker from Korea . these products a motif of vintage, antique, and kitsch
which which have nostalgia.


Fantasy taste doll manufacturer. High small parts and components modeling of technology.


Chinese doll maker. They features mostly pure concept of dolls, and produce original clothes.

Yu The Great

A manufacturer from China that produces dolls with a world view that combines traditional Chinese clothing design with modern fashion. The high-quality Chinese-style doll that expresses the beauty of tradition is impressive.


A Korean manufacturer that develops a wide range of doll-related items. The realistic head modeling, trend clothes and accessories that makes you feel the aesthetic sense


STORY OF SEVENTH DAY A Chinese doll maker that mainly develops 70 cm class dolls. Based on a fantasy world view, he develops realistic and detailed modeling beauty. Notice:We will be closed saturdays and sundays.