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"[Limited Quantity] "Kuroshitsuji" Ciel Phantomhive 
Cast Doll Komadori Costume Ver. (Full set) --Limited
 special resale--" of the "Character Doll", main image.
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[Doll Measurement]
Height (including head): 52.5 cm
Neck circumference: 9 cm
Shoulder width: 13 cm
Chest circumference: 24 cm
Arms: 18.7 cm
Hand: 5.8 cm
Waist: 19.5 cm
Hips: 23 cm
Legs: 32.6 cm
Foot size: 7.5 cm
Ankle: 7.3cm --Specifications--

Character Doll-I.O.S

[Limited Quantity] "Kuroshitsuji" Ciel Phantomhive
Cast Doll Komadori Costume Ver. (Full set) --Limited
special resale--

sold out Limited Full Set DOLL 60cm Boy

Due to 1 customer canceling her reservation Ciel will be available again for 1 pc only.

The cast doll of the character "Ciel Phantomhive" from the popular anime "Kuroshitsuji" is re-appearing in a Robin costume Ver. !!

*Delivery schedule is scheduled to be delivered sequentially from November 2022.
(Please note that it may change depending on the production situation.)

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Sold out

This item will be shipped from JAPAN

IOS, has a great skills for modeling the "Kuroshitsuji" Ciel Phantomhive and has been beautifully reproduced in three dimensions.

The main Komadori dress expresses a beautiful pink color with a glossy satin fabric. By treating the skirt with plenty of drape, the whole dress has a voluminous feel.
In addition, by attaching a pannier and petticoat under the skirt, the side and back style is also well-organized to create a bulge.

◇ Right eye contract stamp The eye is made of resin material so that the “contract emblem” is clearly projected.

◇ Magnets are used to connect pierced earrings on both ears.

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
Head + body (assembled)
* Normal skin

*Ciel robin ver. Limited special heel foot (flat feet parts are also included)
・Make Up
* "Kuroshitsuji" Ciel Phantomhive Komadori ver. Special make-up completed
* Ciel special wig (7.5 inches)
* 1 set of hair pieces
(1 crystal blue / 1 contract emblem, 16mm)
・Outfit / Dress
* Ciel robin ver. Dress set
・ Opera hat
・ Pannier
・ Dress gloves
*(Lace-up boots)

* Accessories
and magnet earrings