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Myou Doll




1/4 Doll

"[DOLK × MYOU DOLL] Snow Zuzana 
2020 ver." of the "Myou Doll", main image.
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Image Skin Color: Snow white skin 2020 ver.

Image Body Bust Size: S

[1/4 Girl Body-2 Measurements]
Height: 44cm
Neck circumference: 6.8cm
Shoulder width: 8.5cm
Arm length: 17.5cm
Bust size: S: 18.5cm
Waist circumference: 14.5cm
Hip circumference: 21cm
Thigh circumference: 12.5cm
Calf circumference: 9cm
Foot length: 21cm
Foot size (length): 5.4cm
Foot width: 2.1cm
Weight: 690g

Head circumference: 18cm (7-8 inches) )
Eye: 14mm

Myou Doll-DOLL

[DOLK × MYOU DOLL] Snow Zuzana
2020 ver.

Item in stock Limited DOLL 40cm Girl
Office Arrival Date: Oct. 13, 2021 (Tentative)

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This item will be shipped from CHINA

◎ Collaboration limited makeup
In the limited edition makeup for 2020, the popular artist "atelier sarasoo" expresses the Snow Queen.
The points are the cheeks that have a bright pink complexion over a wide area and the gentle greenish blue eyeshadow that is placed on the eyelids. With brown eyeliner and eyebrow that blends well with white eyelashes, Zuzana, a gentle yet queen's dignity, was born.

◎ Collaboration limited dress set
Originally a limited edition outfit designed by Nine9 Style for the original 60cm doll. This time, it is a collaboration limited dress set specially made for this collaboration in the 40 cm class. In 2020, a silver-colored decoration that has never been released has been realized.

◎ Custom collaboration eye
It is a custom-made eye by Moonstone which was very popular in 2019. The dome is finished higher than usual, and a deep eye that shines like a jewel is completed.
By taking over the limited-edition Aurora-colored eyes from the 2019-only Snow Delia, a new charming snow queen that is unique to Zuzana with cute sagging eyes was born.

◎ Newly developed skin color
The more advanced and limited Snow White Skin 2020 ver. Has finally been completed!
The yellowish 2019 Snow White Skin has been corrected to a pinkish white skin, and a beautiful transparent skin color that has never been seen is finally completed.
Please pay attention to the first snow-like skin that can only be met with Snow Delia and Snow Zuzana.

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
 * Snow White Skin 2020 ver.
 * Girl Body-2 (Three-parts body)
 * Bust size S
・Make Up
 * Snow Zuzana 2020 ver. Limited make-up
 * Make up by Atelier Sarasoo
 * Body make-up is not included.
 * 7-8inch
 * Blue x Purple
* There may be some individual differences in the appearance of colors
* Made by Moonstone
 * DOLK collaboration limited
・ Snow Queen Limited eyes
 * 14mm
・Glass eyes
 * 14mm
* Color and design cannot be selected
・Outfit / Dress
 * Tailored by Nine 9 Style
 * Snow queen special dress set 2020 ver. Limited
 * Hood, cape, dress, petticoat, socks, brooch
 * Hood and cape can be removed.
* Shoes are not included

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