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""Black Butler Book of the Atlantic" Ciel Phantomhive 
Cast Doll" of the "Character Doll", main image.
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※ Once the limited quantity is reached during the reservation period, it may end without notice.

※ We will send you a reservation completion e-mail message
when the reservation will be completed.

※ Delivery of Ciel Phantomhive Cast Doll will be delivered in order from June 2019 onwards.

(It might be changed depending on the situation of production, it will do back and forth.)
Detailed schedule will be notified at the selling site after the reservation period ends.

[Doll Size Measurement]

Height(with head):52.5 cm
Around Neck :9 cm
Shoulder:13 cm
Chest:24 cm
Arm:18.7 cm
Hand:5.8 cm
West:19.5 cm
Hip:23 cm
Leg:32.6 cm
Shoes size:7.5 cm
Ankle.:7.3 cm

Character Doll-I.O.S

"Black Butler Book of the Atlantic" Ciel Phantomhive
Cast Doll

sold out Limited Full Set DOLL 50cm Boy

"Black Butler - Book of the Atlantic -" Ciel Phantomhive Cast doll 3rd release finally appears!

First release "Book of Circus" ver. and 2nd release "Erithacus" ver.'s Ciel cast doll were sold out with great response,
in order to respond to the many voices of resale requests,
this time Ciel Phantomhive Cast Doll is resurrected with the new clothes and makeup as the theater version "Book of the Atlantic" Ver.!

This time, we reproduce Ciel who is active as "Queen's Watchdog" sanctioning the evil of UK back
society from the theater version animation of the popular episode "Luxury liner edition"!

IOS, which is well-established for realistic modeling, has been producing and faithfully reproduces the
beautiful appearance of Ciel, the young principal of the Phantomhive family, in three dimensions.

Selling Price:

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Sold out

This item will be shipped from JAPAN

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
・Make Up
* (Ciel special wig)
* (1 Crystal Blue / 1 Emblem of Contract)
・Outfit / Dress
* ("Book of the Atlantic" Limited Costume Set)
· Shirt
· Vest
· Jacket
· Pants
· Ribbon Tie
· Socks
· Gloves
· Hat
· Eye patch
* Magnet Pierced earrings

Instruction Manual
Material : Resin

© Pivotal / Square Enix · Black Butler Project · MBS

Selling agency : Vodaless Inc. / DOLK
Manufacturer : I.O.S Inc.