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Serenade Doll




1/3 Senior

"Nun.SP" of the "Serenade Doll", main image.
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【1/3 Girl Body Measurements】
Body Height(exclude head): 53cm
Neck: 6cm
Shoulder: 10cm
Chest: S 19cm/ M 20cm/ L 21cm
Waist: 13.5cm
Hips: 22cm
Length of Arm: 16cm
Wrist: 4cm
Leg: 37cm
Thigh: 12cm
Calf: 8cm
Eye: 14 mm

Serenade Doll-DOLL


Maker order Basic DOLL 60cm Girl

Selling Price:

Buy it and earn: Points per item

Skin color options::

Make Option:

Leg Option:

Bust type option::

Additional Head Type Options:


This item will be shipped from CHINA

【Make up Option】
You can choose your desired makeup from Makeup 1 - 10.

【Additional Head Option】
From basic dolls to limited dolls, you can order an additional head of the doll being sell.

【Bust Type Option】
The neck length of SS, SM, SL Bust is shorter than ordinary S, M, L Bust by about 10 mm.

【Leg Option】
The sixth image on the right side becomes a leg part.
From the left will be Super high heels, high heels, normal heels.

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
· Default hand: A + C
14mm ※ It differs from the image eye.