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"MiniFee a la carte GIRL (New Release Active Line)" of the "FAIRY LAND", main image.
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[MiniFee Active Line Girl Body Size]

Height : 41 cm
Head circumference : 18.5 cm/7.3 inch
Weight : 420 g
Neck Circumference : 7.0 cm/2.8 inch
Shoulder Width : 8.0 cm
Shoulder to Wrist : 12.0 cm
Elbow to Wrist : 5.5 cm
Length of Back : 8.0 cm
Chest Circumference : (Large Bust) 18.0 cm/(Small Bust) 15.5
Waist Circumference : 12.0 cm
Hips Circumference : 19.0 cm
Hips to Knee : 11.5 cm
Knee to Ankle : 9.5 cm
Ankle Circumference : 5.0 cm
Feet Size : 5.5 cm
Eye: 14-16mm


MiniFee a la carte GIRL (New Release Active Line)

Maker order Basic DOLL 40cm Girl

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Leg parts option:

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Head Type Option:

Sleeping Head Option:

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This item will be shipped from KOREA

[Memo for Head Options]

Write your choose head in the notes as soon as you place this order. Please be informed also that some of the heads may not be available to order. We will contact you as soon as we confirm.

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
-MiniFee a la carte [Head + Girl Body (New Release Active Line) + #3 Hands]
-Default eyes 1 pair (14~16mm random color)