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60 cm Head


Bertram Head

Maker order Basic Parts 60cm Boy

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【Set Contents】

Bertram Blank Head:
The girth : 23cm / 9inch
Skin color : normal or white
The suitable eyes : 14~16mm / 0.55~0.63inch
The distinction of sex : boy
The way to open and shut : front- fook rear-magnet
The state : no parting line, blank (the painted Bartrams pictures are samples.)
Suitable bodys : Volks - SD13boy, SD17boy etc

The color of head matches with our own SD body(PS Fresh Skin, made in June 2007), but depending on the bodys condition or manufacturing lot, there could have a little color difference.
Bubbles and patches may appear on the surface when make a process of polishing.
All heads in this page are normal skin color.