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"「Black Butler Book of Circus」Sebastian 
Michaelis  Castdoll" of the "Character Doll", main image.
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Hight(without head)
Neck: 10.5cm
Shoulder width: 14cm
Bust: 28cm
Arm: 20cm
Around the wrist: 6cm
West :21cm
Leg :33.7cm
Foot size:8.5cm
Around ankle: 9cm


Prototype produced by I.O.S Inc.

Wig : Special style for KUROSHITSUJI~Book of Circus Sebastian Michaelis

Head: Original head for KUROSHITSUJI~Book of Circus Sebastian Michaelis

Dress: Special dress designed for circus series of Noahs Ark.

Character Doll-I.O.S

「Black Butler Book of Circus」Sebastian
Michaelis Castdoll

Limited Time sold out Limited Full Set DOLL 70cm Boy

Model Number: 456233688115

Order Start Date: Dec. 25, 2015, 7:00 p.m.
End of Order: Jan. 31, 2016, 11:59 p.m.
*Time zone is JST UTC+9

Sebastian Michaelis castdoll has released, which is the character of most popular animation 「Black Butler Book of Circus」.

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This item will be shipped from JAPAN

More beautiful 「Sebastian」 has been reproduced in three dimensions by IOS, the manufacture which is known well with their realistic modeling.

The head has the detailed structure and Sabastians unique smile like devil is well expressed with high skill.

The dress is produced with fine cloth and fits well to body.
The design is the same as the dress which Sebastian wore in the circus series of Noahs Ark.

Using Tattoo stickers made it possible to represent the more detail for special make-up of circus series,
such as black nail and the Emblem of contract.

Spcial site for「Black Butler Book of Circus」Sebastian Michaelis Castdoll

We will start to ship after August 2016. It could be slightly changed due to the producing condition.

When the limited quantities were sold out, we could stop accepting order even during the reservation period

When you completed your order, we will send you an email confirming your reservation.

Notice:Your reservation cannot be confirmed only by putting the items into your cart.

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
・Make Up
Clear Red 2 pairs
・Outfit / Dress
Circus Ver
Tattoo stickers (Nail 2pairs/ Magic square/ Eyes tattoo 2 pairs)

(c)Vodaless.Co.Ltd / D O L K
(c)I.O.S Inc.