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verroky handsome bjd doll


"M.N.VERROKY" was shown for the first time at DollismPlusTokyo 2017. He is a 70 cm class which is a popular doll and resized to a lovely 40 cm size that appears in a limited quantity! It was produced on the same line as MN. EVAN, he becomes an adorable boy, as you see, he has the characteristics of lovely eyes.

Product Information

Size Information

  • Height: 37cm (Including head: 42cm)
  • Head: 18.5cm (7.3inch)
  • Shoulder: 9.5cm
  • Width of shoulder including arm: 13cm
  • Chest: 19cm
  • Waist: 15.5cm
  • Hip: 20cm
  • Leg length: 18cm
  • Thigh width: 11cm
  • Wrist: 4.5cm
  • Eye: 16mm


Set Contents

  • Doll Main Body(Assembled)
  • *Normal Skin
  • *RM LINE BODY(42 cm)
  • Make Up
  • Glass Eyes(16mm random color)
  • Certifcate
  • Cushion
  • Box

Price: $457