Kenou "Gilgamesh" Cast Doll was Released !!

Jan,18, 2020 (Sat)
Start receiving orders at "DOLK"!
 Fate Grand Order

DOLKThe wise king "Gilgamesh" is now here as a cast doll

The wise king "Gilgamesh" is now here as a cast doll

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Fate Grand Order

It was recorded in the oldest epic of mankind, "Gilgamesh Epic",
The hero "King Gilgamesh", a god of the demigod who once captured everything in the world.
The eyes that see through the truth, the beautiful lean body, the presence that releases like the shine of stars.
The overwhelming King's appearance becomes the ultimate solid and is here.

Mr.Noboru Ohashi of
All For One is in charge of head prototype and modeling coordination,
DOLK for elemental provision and production cooperation
The project is produced by ANIPLEX, and a reservation order will start at DOLK this time.
The one and only modeling beauty, do not miss this reservation period!

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Fate Grand Order