No Plagiarism.
One entry per account only.
Entry must be the contestant’s original work.
Respect everyone's comment.
Be commited.


July 20 - July 31, 2020


Must be a registered member of Dolk Station. If you are not a member yet, please Register.

Email must be active, it will be verified.
No age limit.


By entering the contest, the participant agrees to allow Dolk freehand use of all photo entries as marketing material for any future post or advertisements.


Send good quality pictures of your doll with a concept best summer theme”
Doll brand in the image must be one of the affiliate brands that Dolk carries.
The most number of reactions and shares win.
Your photo will be posted together on our Facebook page, you can share it to your wall/pages/friends the more reactions and share you get the more chances of winning.

Send your entry on our email: with the Subject "Capture the Summer Heat Photo Contest" and input the following:

All entries will be posted together in our FB Page on August 03, - August 23, 2020

Announcement Of Winners:

August 26, 2020

Example Submission Format