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2019.11.06 [2D DOLL] Good News! They have now a new doll + a 20% Off during their release in a very limited time only! Green Gardenia & Aokiji!
2019.11.06 [BLUE FAIRY] November Pre-order dolls until Nov. 08, 2019 only! Dont miss it!
2019.11.06 [DREAM VALLEY] 2019 Halloween campaign, new release gorgeous dolls + Giveaway gift (WOLF). Limited time only!
2019.11.06 [DOLL CHATEAU] Release their new Centaur dolls, Noah & Ryan Fullset. A privilege to get a discounted price is also be given away!
2019.10.28 [I.O.S] HAN Is a new doll Appear in our online shop, he is so handsome! Dont miss it, get it now!
2019.10.22 [SWITCH] Last Order: October Pre-Order Notice until October 31, 2019, only! Humming Dolly & Milk Tea Rose Head!
2019.10.21 [KIDSKY] Has a 10% off for their dolls in a very limited time only!
2019.10.21 [PEAKS WOOD] Re-sale doll + discount event in a very limited item only!
2019.10.14 [MONOCHROME] Has a new release doll & parts. Dont miss it, limited time only!
2019.10.07 [FAIRYLAND] Take a look at this new Little Fee, along with this is a Giveaway gift in a very limited time only!
2019.10.07 [LUTS] Release their new gorgeous dolls for this Halloween season. Limited time only!
2019.09.24 [DOLK x SWITCH] Two handsome prince join us, as a collaboration doll with SWITCH.
2019.09.23 [MYOU DOLL] Dont miss it, its your time to get a cheap doll during this event!
2019.09.20 [RING DOLL] release their new beautiful doll, a big discount is also offered in a very limited time only!
2019.09.16 [DREAM VALLEY] New Arrival Alert! New gorgeous dolls + September giveaway gift! In a limited time only!
2019.09.16 [DEAR MINE] Take a look at this now, new gorgeous BJD kitties is now up on our online store! Limited time only!
2019.08.29 [CANDY DREAM] New pre-order order period is here, its time to own some cuties! Hurry up, the pre-order period of time is very limited only!
2019.08.29 [MIRACLE DOLL] Take a look at this new doll named Xiaoxiao, she is so unique & beautiful!
2019.08.29 [RING TOYS] release some amazing art figures! You can order them in a very limited time only!
2019.08.14 [SWITCH] SoSeo Head [Milk Tea Rose] In now available for order in a limited time! Notice:We will be closed saturdays and sundays.