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2020.01.24 Traditionally Dolkus is conducting Chinese New Year event every year to express our gratitude to our valued and beloved customers.
We are offering our 2020 lucky bag to those lucky customers who want to order within January 24 - February 24, 2020.
2020.01.18 [CHARACTER DOLL] Good News! We have here a new Cast Doll From the Tv Anime "Fate / Grand Order - the Absolute Demon Beast Front: Babylonia" Meet Gilgamesh. Available for pre-order in a very limited time only!
2020.01.17 [FAIRYLAND]Check this out, new dolls from FairyLand FairyLine Erda & MiniFee Carol, plus an event gift in a very limited time only! Dont miss it, get them now!
2019.12.20 [CHARACTER DOLL] Gankutsuou The Count of Monte Cristo Cast doll is now up for reservation, dont miss it, available for order in a very limited item only!
2019.12.13 [CHRISTMAS EVENT] Check this out, we are going to give a gift + discounts for some of our stock items!
2019.12.13 [CHARACTER DOLL] Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo is up for reservation this coming Dec. 20, 2019.
2019.12.13 [RINGDOLL] Alice01 40cm is the new version, she is now at a discounted price until Jan. 20, 2019.
2019.12.13 [SWITCH] Rusi & others are now up for orders, dont miss it, you can get them in a very limited time only!
2019.12.13 [WITH DOLL] Resale gorgeous dolls in a very limited time only!
2019.12.09 [MYOU DOLL] is now offering again a 15% discount to their gorgeous dolls! Dont miss it, limited time only!
2019.11.28 [DOLK] BLACK FRIDAY SALE, As we celebrate BLACK FRIDAY this year, we are going to give a discount for some of our BJD in stock. Ready to ship anytime!
2019.11.27 [RING DOLL] Re-sale gorgeous Alice01 Fullset from Ring Doll, she is available only during this Black Friday. Hurry limited item only!
2019.11.26 [DOLK × SWITCH] "SOHWA -Schulwechsler ver." Reservation start now! SOHWA appears as a transfer student in the Gymnasium series. Please enjoy the new story of this boy.
2019.11.25 [KREAM DOLL] Take a look at this gorgeous & cute dolls from Kream Doll, they are all so lovely & cool, available in a very limited time only!
2019.11.25 [CROBI DOLL] New Gorgeous Pre - Order Dolls Are Here! Yeon - Ho & Lear, Limited Item Only!
2019.11.18 [DOLLPAMM] take a look at this new gorgeous SKINNY Unicorn ICARUS & SERAVIE. They are so unique! limited item only!
2019.11.18 [RING DOLL] A new gorgeous doll from Ringdoll 10th Anniversary! Ksitigarbha-the Virgo Fullset"
2019.11.06 [2D DOLL] Good News! They have now a new doll + a 20% Off during their release in a very limited time only! Green Gardenia & Aokiji!
2019.11.06 [BLUE FAIRY] November Pre-order dolls until Nov. 08, 2019 only! Dont miss it!
2019.11.06 [DREAM VALLEY] 2019 Halloween campaign, new release gorgeous dolls + Giveaway gift (WOLF). Limited time only! Notice:We will be closed saturdays and sundays.