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2019.08.29 [CANDY DREAM] New pre-order order period is here, its time to own some cuties! Hurry up, the pre-order period of time is very limited only!
2019.08.29 [MIRACLE DOLL] Take a look at this new doll named Xiaoxiao, she is so unique & beautiful!
2019.08.29 [RING TOYS] release some amazing art figures! You can order them in a very limited time only!
2019.08.14 [SWITCH] SoSeo Head [Milk Tea Rose] In now available for order in a limited time!
2019.08.14 [ATTACK ON TITAN] Youve guessed it right, Attack On Titan & BJD Fans! The release is here, you can now reserve Captain Levi & Commander Erwin Smith!
2019.08.14 [DOLL CHATEAU] Introducing their new beautiful ladies! Ashley & Amena, with a concept of chess knight! So gorgeous!
2019.08.14 [2D DOLL] Take a look at this new release doll "Leth" he is unique, you can also get him at a discounted price in a limited time only!
2019.08.05 [RINGDOLL] The Little Witch-Tang Ge -Opened-&-Closed-eyes Fullset is now available for order, they are so cute. A privilege to get a discount is also offered in a very limited time only!
2019.08.05 [DOLLZONE] Release their new dolls now, meet Jocelyn & Ruby in their full set attire. They are now at a discounted price. Limited time only!
2019.08.05 [FairyLand] New release doll Minidee Momo & Minifee Maya, you can also get a free Heads during their release! Limited time vent only!
2019.08.01 [DOLK LOYALTY POINTS BLAST] During this event we will be giving you an additional point in your every purchase. Up to 30 Points! Learn More Now!
2019.07.22 [SOUL DOLL]Looking for some Korean Looks Doll? Introducing this new release doll From Souldoll, meet HAN Yeo-Reum & Phoenix they are so cool and amazing!
2019.07.22 [LITTLE MONICA]Gloomy Demetri is the newest release doll from little Monica, he is so cool, its 60cm doll. You can get him in a very limited time only! Outfits & Other options is also available.
2019.07.16 [DREAM VALLEY] New Gorgeous Dolls + Giveaway Gifts in Limited Time Only!
2019.07.11 [NOTICE] Dolk summer special deals up to 10% off! Special items offer!
2019.07.08 [NOTICE] Were happy to announce that this coming August we will going to release our new Character Doll Erwin Smith. We are now finally achieved to make this thing happen! Thank you!
2019.07.03 [MONOCHROME] Good News! Heel Feet & Knee high boots for Guys are now available again for orders! Dont miss it, very limited time only!
2019.07.03 [MIYA DOLL] Take a look at this new gorgeous & beautiful doll from our shop. Meet [LM] So Sweety! From Miya Doll. You can get her in a very limited time only! Until July 7, 2019.
2019.07.03 [GRANADO] Newton is the newest release doll from Granado, he is so cool. You can get him in a very limited time only! Discount also offers during the release.
2019.07.03 [WITHDOLL] Introducing, a new set of new doll From With Doll, all of them really have their own kind of uniqueness! Notice:We will be closed saturdays and sundays.