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2017.06.29 [DOLLZONE] New boy and girl Doll Torso was appeared.
It is a beautiful and fantastic modeling, beautiful doll torso.You can display as an interior.
2017.06.29 [DEARMINE]DEARMINE is famous with their cute animal dolls.
New dolls are appeared one after another…Those are Limited Quantity items.
2017.06.21 [DOLLCHATEAU]New release limited dolls Trista and Xanthe were released from Doll Chateau!! In celebration of these two releases, a gift present event is hold!
2017.06.15 [WITHDOLL] This is a Big present from WITHDOLL!!
The most “HOT” Doll, Alan, the assassin of elf became a Basic doll!!
And 15 Popular dolls will be resold as SUMMER EVENT.
2017.06.09 [LUTS]As a Summer Event, so many new dolls are released from LUTS!!
2017.06.02 [DOLK X MIYABI GLASSE EYE]A fantasy eyes which created the work "Galaxy Railroad’s Night" was born! gorgeous Eyes with real gold & silver film!! Check it up!!
2017.05.26 [GRANADO]A new member appears in the GRANADO band "Sacred".It is new doll information from GRANADO. A new companion, "Uriel", appeared in the band series of GRANADO.
2017.05.26 [BJD CROBI] It is new arrival information from BJD CROBI.
With tarot cards as the theme, 4 dolls with motifs of Arcana’s "Empress" "Emperor" and "Lovers" are appeared.
2017.05.26 [CODENOIR]We accept the CODENOIR Pre-orders for May 2017.
Now we will provide you the items for Season!
Miss Kitty RainyDay, the collaboration doll with DOLLZONE is appeared!
2017.05.17 [SWITCH] Popular maker SWITCH appeared!!
Popular Doll Maker SWITCH started to deal with DOLK!
Their dolls are so dreamy and their works are so sensitive.
2017.05.17 [DOLL HEART]We will accept the Doll Heart Pre-orders for May 2017
From Doll Heart which is popular for their romantic taste, delivered a lot of unique outfits!
2017.05.17 [DOLL LEAVES]As 7th anniversary, Doll Leaves will hold Special Discount Event.
During Limited Period From May 13 to May 25
2017.05.10 [GRANADO] Blessing!! To be basic
Udell, the first VINDOLL model and body, hand parts which was sold on January as limited term item were decided to resell as basic doll.
2017.05.10 [DOLLCLANS] 2017 Limited Term Preorder!!
Mysterious new doll, “Bones” and wild & sexy, “Siber”, and others!! Please meet with the wonderful DOLLCLANS Dolls at this occasion!!
2017.05.08 【Notice】 May 2017, Pre-Order Information From DollClans! You can meet five basic dolls together with the completely new work "Bones" until 5/28 (Sunday).
2017.05.08 【New Manufacturer】 "SWITCH" we started to handle as new maker. 5 Limited items are resold which were released in the past as limited item!
2017.04.26 [ANNOUNCEMENT][SHIPPING] Now we can accept other courier such as FedEx, DHL, etc. Also we have some changes of our shipping schedule.
2017.04.24 [DOLLZONE] See their latest artistic SD doll Gene in a horror ver. You can order now!
2017.04.24 [RACCOON DOLL] Take a look for their cute SD doll Gene, in this Spring season ver. You have to choices ver.!
2017.04.24 [DOLLSHE][LAST ORDER] Announcing for final acceptance of their old 18M Classic. Avail now, and enjoy discount offer.