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2019.05.23 [DOLK EVENT] Welcome to Dolk Spring Season BJD Photo Contest. As we celebrate this spring season, we are inviting everyone to participate on our Photo Contest Event for this year. Lots of prizes are waiting for everyone.
2019.05.20 [DOLL CAHTEAU] Re - Sale In Limited time only! 7% OFF!
2019.05.09 [WITH DOLL] Popular two people reappear for a limited time. Optional fluffy teddy bear costumes can be added as an option with the cute green backpack! The reservation period is very short until 5/10 (Fri).
2019.05.09 [BLUE FAIRY] May Pre-order appeared from the BLUE FAIRY. Reservations for 10 neat boys and girls until 9am on Friday, May 10th. You can choose any childs body & makeup.
2019.04.22 [RING DOLL] Take a look at this new gorgeous doll Caterpillar Anjon. It is so fancy and have a colorful appearance. Dont miss it, limited time discount event only!.
2019.04.08 [MYOU DOLL] Dolk x Myou Doll Delia 2019 is very popular doll, it is a new released & with “cherry blossom” concept!
2019.04.08 [FAIRYLAND] Check this out, a new release doll from Fairyland he is cool in his looks! His name is Klaus!
2019.04.01 [WITHDOLL] Take a look at this new cute doll "ALICE", a privilege to get a 10% Off will be given away in limited time only!
2019.03.27 [AIMERAI] Check this out, a limited re-sale of popular dolls appears again. Furthermore, the resale doll & basic doll will also be haviang a discounts up to 10% OFF!
2019.03.27 [UPDATE] The reservation of Touken Ranbu Mikazuki & Kashuu sales is almost end, 5 days left until March 31, 2019. Dont miss it!
2019.03.11 ① "Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-" Kashuu kiyomitsu Cast Dolls primary order has reached the maximum number. We will temporarily suspend orders and inform you about resumption schedule sequentially.
2019.03.11 ① "Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-" Mikazuki Munechika Cast Dolls primary order has reached the maximum number. We will temporarily suspend orders and inform you about resumption schedule sequentially.
2019.02.20 [FAIRY LAND] Check this out, new release doll + event gift! Limited time only!
2019.02.04 [CHINESE NEW YEAR EVENT] Traditionally Dolkus is conducting Chinese New Year event every year to express our gratitude to our valued and beloved customers. As a sort of appreciation, we are presenting our Lucky Bag for New Year.
2019.02.01 [NOTICE] Pls be guided that the delivery of your Dolls from China will be delayed, due to Chinese New Year. Thank you!
2019.01.25 [DOLL CHATEAU] Announce that they will going to discontinued some of their dolls. Dont miss it, check this now. Discounts is also offered!
2019.01.21 [SOUL DOLL] Introducing the 24 latest bodies of SOUL DOLL reappear with limited skin color! Special order for normal skin, old white skin, new white skin. Do not miss the deadline for this cuties until 2/28 (Thursday).
[AIMERAI] Dont miss it, get this now. New Cute girls of 30 cm class appeared in very limited time only! They have a lovely costume set which made the concept of a snowman.
2019.01.21 [DOLL CHATEAU] Check this out, a new release doll Gladys Fullset, It is steampunk design. A 10% Off is also be given away. SAVE BIG NOW, limited time only!
2019.01.08 【BLUE FAIRY】 announced their January Preorder! This month there are four TF lines, three SF lines, three PF lines. A total of ten pretty boys and girls are appeared. Please do not miss this chance. Notice:We will be closed saturdays and sundays.