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2020.04.01 [EASTER EVENT] Easter Deals "REWARD POINTS" starting from April 01 - 20, 2019. Up to 50 additional points.
2020.04.01 [FAIRYLAND] Check this new doll from FairyLand MiniFee Jiyu Vampire Elf Full Package (Blue Blood) + Free Gifts!
2020.04.01 [BJD IN STOCK] We have some new gorgeous BJD on hand, they will be ship from Japan.
2020.03.16 [SWITCH] New pre-order dolls appear from Switch, Rosy white doll, parts, & outfits in a very limited time only!
2020.03.16 [DOLL CHATEAU] will be discontinued some of their dolls, together with this they offer a 5% off in a very limited time only!
2020.03.13 [FREEDOM TELLER] New limited-time outfits are now available for pre-order.
2020.03.11 [IMPORTANT NEWS] To all our valued customers,

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, shipments coming from Korea and China are delayed or restricted to some countries.
If you have orders that still hasnt arrive, we apologize deeply for the inconvenience.

However, we can ship out your order in an alternate shipping method.
If your country is affected by the restrictions we can send your orders via Cebu, Philippines. Though This shipping requires an additional shipping cost there is a guarantee that you will be able to receive your order.
2020.03.11 [MIYA DOLL] New [BM] Latte the pre-order period will end until March 16, 2020.
2020.03.11 [DREAM VALLEY] The blessing of the saint Fullset is now at a discounted price 15% OFF!
2020.02.26 [DOLK X SWITCH] New Collaboration Doll SOHWA Limited - Schulwechsler.
2020.02.24 [RS DOLL] Pre-order! New Evan Ver. 2 + Tan Skin, until March 02, 2020!
2020.02.24 [SWITCH] New Release Rion Head, Limited Time Only!
2020.02.24 [PEAK WOODS] New Release FOB Little available in a limited time only!
2020.02.24 [AIMERAI] New Manga Series Subaru, Taki, Uki, & Eiji!
2020.02.17 [RACOON DOLL] New Dolls In A Limited Time Only!
2020.02.17 [2D Doll] Release new doll LengLeng! until Feb. 20, 20
2020.02.10 [DREAM VALLEY] New Release Dolls + Event Gift "Nia & Ruby". Limited Time Only!
2020.02.06 [Notice] "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" Mikazuki Munechika Cast Doll is on sale as stock.
2020.02.04 [CANDY DREAM] Take a look at this now, candy dream are now accepting again a pre-orders for their dolls. Dont miss it, you can get them in a limited time only!
2020.02.03 [Touken Ranbu] due to some customers who confirmed that they will not continue their Layaway payment, we are selling this Mikazuki & kashuu to you. Hurry up, dont miss it, a limited item only! Notice:We will be closed saturdays and sundays.