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2021.02.22 [DOLL CAHTEAU] New Unique dolls at 10% off in a very limited time only!
2021.02.22 [AIMERAI] New Gorgeous Dolls!
2021.02.22 [RAM CUBE] BJD Head in-stock now at a limited item only!
2021.02.10 [EVENT] Chinese New Year Event "The Lucky Bag" in a limited time only!
2021.01.22 [DOLLZONE] Check this out, Ray is the newest doll that they have, you can purchase his head and dress separately!
2021.01.22 [ROSEN LIED] Soph is a new cute doll, she is so lovely! Limited time only!
2021.01.22 [RING DOLL] New gorgeous works of Ringdoll are available in a very limited time only!
2021.01.22 [DEAR MINE] Update, new pre-order dolls almost end!
2020.12.28 [MONOCHROME] Heel Feet for Guys & shoes is now up for order again!
2020.12.28 [SWAN DOLL] New beautiful girls are here Haru & Miya, pre-order in a limited time only!
2020.12.28 [I.O.S] also re-sale their gorgeous parts, they have lots of them!
2020.12.28 [RAM CUBE] re-sale their gorgeous BJD heads, limited time only!
2020.12.28 [2D DOLL] KAKA & KALE is now at a discounted price, limited time only!
2020.12.15 [DOLK EVENT] Christmas day & New Year Eve where people are sharing and giving not just gifts but love, joy, and harmony during this season.
2020.12.15 [ATTACK ON TITAN] For those who miss the information about these BJDs, Eren Yeager & Captain Levi is still up for order!
2020.12.15 [DOLK x MYOUDOLL] Check this out, a new collaboration doll of dolk Snow Delia & Snow Zuzana, pre-order is up until Jan. 15, 2021, 11:59 p.m.
2020.12.15 [DOLL CHATEAU] Re-sale their very unique & amazing works in a very limited time only at a discounted price!
2020.12.15 [LITTLE MONICA] offers new gorgeous BJD & really good for modeling!
2020.12.15 [DREAM VALLEY] Christmas event is up until Dec. 27, 2020, 3:00 p.m.
2020.12.15 [SWITCH] Check some new release items from Switch. Notice:We will be closed saturdays and sundays.