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2018.01.16 [DOLL LEAVES] released their latest doll Steven, he looks so mysterious and handsome. You can get him in basic or full set. And also, Doll Leaves celebrates their 2017 Winter Event.
2018.01.16 [MONODEE] release their gorgeous limited new heads.
2018.01.10 [FAIRYLAND] Release their new gorgeous doll [The White Witch]. Dont miss this chance, very limited only.
2017.12.29 [Announcement] The dolkus office will be close on December 30, 2017 - January 3,2018 Japan time, but our customer service can still communicate you every time you have questions, inquiries or even orders. Thank you, Happy Holiday.
2017.12.27 【Instant delivery ☆ DOLK × WITH DOLL first collaboration】 DOLK exclusive sale Snow Man Pooky arrived at the snow season finally started selling! Very Limited Only.!
2017.12.22 [Announcement] The dolkus office will be close on December 23, 2017 - December 26,2017 Japan time, but our customer service can still communicate you everytime you have questions, inquiries or even orders. Thank you, Happy Holiday.
2017.12.19 【DOLK × LITTLE MONICA】 instant delivery · 12 world limited ☆ Gloomy Roselyn Xmas SP appeared! Please enjoy Christmas limited Roselyn, finished in grown-up makeup.
2017.12.19 【DOLK × BAMBI CRONY】release the first ever collaboration doll Fairy Mae from the popular Fairy Project.
2017.12.13 [ADDITIONAL CONTACT INFORMATION] you can now put your SNS account during registration in our online shop, so that we can have another way to contact you every time we have trouble reaching you through email. Thank You.
2017.12.13 [Dolk x RS DOLL] Check this out, our new collaboration doll named M.N.VERROKY. M.N.VERROKY was shown for the first time at DollismPlusTokyo 2017. Hurry its very limited only.
2017.12.13 [Little Monica] Release their new dolls, Innocent Haazel & Little Haazel. Together with this they announce their Christmas Event were you can get discounts & giveaways. Limited time only.
2017.12.08 Looking for some gorgeous and affordable dolls for this Christmas season? Check it here, we list all the makers who have a Christmas event for this season.
Its your chance to grab this opportunity to prepare some gifts for yourself and for your loved ones.
2017.12.07 [SPIRIT DOLL] release their new doll, you can also get the new doll as gift during this New Year Event 2018.
2017.12.06 [LOONG SOUL] release their new cute doll named Jomee. They also announce the information of their Christmas event, hurry up and dont miss this chance.
2017.12.05 【INFO】 SWITCH is have a announcement for their December Preorder. This month only a single body item, December Limited Hand, and also French nail makeup. You can add black French nails for boys body alone, and red French nails for girls bodies individually.
2017.12.05 Notice [Apology] We are so sorry to keep you waiting. Regarding on the delivery of the TOKYO GHOUL, it is postponed due to delay of production and it will be delivered within December.
2017.12.04 [SWITCH] already release their December pre - order.
2017.12.01 [DOLK CHRISTMAS GIFT EVENT] is now started. We will give a dolk calendar , T Shirt, & Gift Package to our valued customers.
2017.12.01 [ASLEEP EIDOLON] Conducting an event. About this event, you can purchase this cute doll Deedlite, if you purchase one of the mermaid dolls, Mermaid Arweil, Mermaid Undine, Mermaid Mini Cordelia, Mermaid Dione, or Mermaid Candice.
2017.12.01 [DOLL ZONE] released their latest doll Little Rain and Little Snow. They are also celebrating their 2017 Christmas Event which will end on December 25, 2017.