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2017.10.20 [CAST DOLL] Attack Of The Titan Captain Levi is now back in our online store in new version. Reservation starts Oct. 27, 2017, Until Nov. 26, 2017.
2017.10.17 [DOLLISM PLUS TOKYO 2017] have you miss the chance to be their on this event? Dont worry, we are now happy to announce that the Dollism items are now available in our store in very limited only.
2017.10.12 [SFBT - 3] is now available again in our online store, but its limited in 10 pcs only. So hurry up and have yours now.
2017.09.28 [FAIRYLAND] Release new doll named ALICIA, they also have Halloween event wherein they are giving a free gift. It depends on how much you have purchased.
2017.09.25 [MYOU DOLL] A privilege to get a 15% discount in all myou doll products in limited term only.
2017.09.25 [DOLK] As we celebrate our 11th anniversary, we are now having a Horror Writing Contest . Come & Celebrate with us now, and have chance to win an instant prices.
2017.09.20 [DOLK ORIGINAL] New Arrived Stock Items, Outfit, Wigs, Eyes, & Accessories. Limited Item Only.
2017.09.07 [SADOL DOLL] Release new basic doll, it also have a free resin eyes when you purchase her until Sept. 24, 2017.
2017.08.30 [DIKA DOLL] Release new information, they offer 15% discount in their some items with limited terms only.
2017.08.23 [RACOON DOLL] Release new dolls, Elf Lucy, Elf Daisy, Sleeping Eyes Laetititia, and Dreaming Gene has appeared.
2017.08.23 [GRANADO] Celebrates a summer event, they re-release some of their dolls and give discounts to them in limited terms only.
2017.08.16 [DOLK×Myou Doll] Make collaboration doll named little lady "Mini Delia", Delia looks charming that contains a beautiful and tantalizing eyes.
2017.08.16 [Switch] Release their latest doll DOHA, its appear in limited terms only until august 20,2017.
2017.08.15 [FairyLand] Hi Everyone Have you miss the chance to purchase the Minifee Eva from Fairyland? due to limited items? We are now giving you another chance to have yours.
2017.07.18 [SWITCH]Calm impression HINA and cute BAHM appeared. As monthly heads, SHIHO and PAVIAN appeared. The body parts which can be assembled with those heads are also sale within 1 month limited term.
2017.07.18 [FairyLand] New release girl doll “Sylvia” has appeared. It is so sexy and has a beautiful body line with Red dress. The full set with special vampire head and hand is quantity limited and order will close as the item will run out.
2017.07.01 [DOLK THAI Face Book]We are so sorry but our DOLK Thailand face book was accidentally closed. We open New Fun Page on Facebook. Please visit our new Face book fun page "DOLK THAI - bjd Dolls" and follow us!
2017.06.30 [MIYA DOLL]From Miya Doll cute girl doll and outfit were appeared.
Not only “Sweety” or ”Rosie” but also cute outfits for summer. Don’t miss this chance!!
2017.06.29 [DOLLZONE] New boy and girl Doll Torso was appeared.
It is a beautiful and fantastic modeling, beautiful doll torso.You can display as an interior.
2017.06.29 [DEARMINE]DEARMINE is famous with their cute animal dolls.
New dolls are appeared one after another…Those are Limited Quantity items.