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Myou Doll




1/4 Doll

"[DOLK × MYOU DOLL] Snow Delia" of the "Myou Doll", main image.
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Image Skin Color: Milk Skin

Image Body Bust Size: S

[1/4 Girl Body-1,2 Measurements]
Height: 44cm
Neck circumference: 6.8cm
Shoulder width: 8.5cm
Arm length: 17cm / 17.5cm
Bust size: S: 18.5cm / L: 20cm
Waist circumference: 14cm / 14.5cm
Hip circumference: 18.5cm / 21cm
Thigh circumference: 10.5cm / 12.5cm
Calf circumference: 7.5cm / 9cm
Foot length: 22cm / 21cm
Foot size (length): 5.5cm / 5.4cm
Foot width:2.1cm
Weight: 530g / 690g

Head circumference: 18cm
Eye: 14mm

Myou Doll-DOLL

[DOLK × MYOU DOLL] Snow Delia

Item in stock Limited DOLL 40cm Girl

"DOLK x Myou Doll" A Snow girl appears on the winter wonderland!

Delia, proud of the high popularity of doll maker Myou Doll has appeared in collaboration.

The popular doll “Sakura Delia”, which appeared only for the spring season and sold out the same day after sales began. As a seasonal series, Delia was planned based on the concept of “winter”. We developed a new skin color “Snow White Skin” limited to DOLK. A beautiful girl doll "Snow Delia" with a special shine is released from the northern country in a perfect figure for this winter season.

It was coordinated from wigs to costumes in a snowy color that gives the image of the concept color. Snow White Skin, the collaboration-only color, is pure and clean like snow. A special make-up creates a winter clean look. The handmade eye of MOONSTONE, which glitters like an ice crystal, gives a beautiful finish for Snow Delia.

Please take a look at the special “Snow Delia” who is suitable for this winter season.

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【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
 * Snow White Skin
 * Girl Body-2 (Three-parts body)
 * Bust size S
・Make Up
 * Make up by LightLimner
 * Body makeup is not included.
 * 7-8inch
 * There may be color difference.
・Glass eyes
 * 14mm (random)
・Outfit / Dress
 * Outfit: Snowqueen special dress set (Food fur cape, dress, petticoat, socks, brooch)
 * Hood and cape can be removed.
Underwear (Random)

◎ Collaboration limited makeup
The makeup of “Snow Delia” is handled by the same artist as Sakura Delia’s series, which has a reputation for quality. The eyelash is a white specification suitable for the snow concept. The whole eye hole is light blue, and the eye line is accented with gold that reflects the snow and shine. The cheeks and glossy lips are highly saturated pink which gives a bright finish that shines on fair skin.

◎ Collaboration limited dress set
NINE9 STYLE tailored the costume. This time, the Snow Queen costume released in 2016 was custom-made in a 40 cm-class Delia size. Fur cape with hood, dress, petticoat, socks, and brooch are all included. It is a fluffy silhouette of A-line. And the material of gold was adopted based on white, and the dress of a noble snow queen from the northern country was realized.

◎ Special order collaboration eye
The Doll Eye was handmade by MOONSTONE for this collaboration only. Eyes are carefully created one by one. The Purple and blue gradation create sparkles like an ice crystal. It complements the clear appeal of Delia. Furthermore, it is a custom-made high dome specification. You must see the beauty that gives off more light.

◎ Limited wig
We chose a blue gradation color that would be enhanced by a white-based costume. The cap part is elastic and easy to wear. The hair ends are set to make it easier to get a bundle. Even if you put on the hood, it is well organized and you can enjoy a cute expression.

◎ Newly developed skin color
It is the DOLK limited skin color "Snow White Skin" developed for this collaboration. It is a more natural color between regular white skin and normal skin. It is a color that does not fade even when waring a white costume or pale makeup. It is a special skin color that feels presence and charm.

©️DOLK / ©️Myoudoll