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"[Second Order]"Rozen Maiden" Shinku Cast 
Doll" of the "Character Doll", main image.
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Image skin color: Normal skin

--Size notation--

About size
Height (including head): 44cm
Head circumference: 18cm
Neck circumference: 7cm
Shoulder width: 8.5cm
Arm length: 17.5cm
Bust size: S:18.5cm / L : 20cm
Waist circumference: 14.5cm
Hip circumference: 21cm
Thigh circumference: 12.5cm
Calf circumference: 9cm
Foot length: 21cm
Foot size (length): 5.4cm
Foot width: 2.1cm
Weight: 690g

Character Doll-DOLK

[Second Order]"Rozen Maiden" Shinku Cast

Limited Time sold out Limited Full Set DOLL 40cm Girl
Order Start Date: Jul. 22, 2020, 7:00 p.m.
End of Order: Aug. 23, 2020, 11:59 p.m.
*Time zone is JST UTC+9

"Rozen Maiden" Doll Bag 40cm HERE

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Shinku, the fifth doll of the anime series "Rozen Maiden" is now here as a first doll of the Rozen Maiden casts dollization project by Dolk. The first dollization by the latest molding based on the settings of anime is accomplished. With the thorough research of the original work, the charm which is expressed as "Living human being" is poured into the cast doll.

The realization of Rozen Maiden

The commercialization project pursuing "The realization of Rozen Maiden". Please enjoy "Shinku" appearing with molding reflecting the overwhelming beauty and even the personality of Shinku accurately.

◇ Make-up
Make-up that completely reproduces the elegant beauty that is described as the antique crimson character and antique.
The long eyelashes that cast delicate shadows and the eyebrows that also determine the expression are carefully designed according to the angle.
The artist's detailed hand-painted make-up brings to life crimson with a neat and beautiful face.

◇ Doll body
The 40cm doll body uses a skin color that goes well with makeup.
It is a high-performance doll body that combines beauty of modeling, holding power of posing, and wide range of motion.

◇ Eye
The gem-like shining doll eye is a special resin eye of the highest quality.
High hand-made rarity and high quality are realized by cultivated high technology. The iris blue is a high dome and features a deep finish. The eyes full of pride and dignity are truly crimson.

◇Wig / with ribbon
A twin tail tied with a black ribbon that is sometimes handled as a whip. The long long hair expresses a natural curl at the tip, and the blonde color pursues the brightness of the original. A special wig that faithfully reproduces the crimson identity.

◇ Bonnet
The bonnet that wraps the head is particular about the beauty of the shape such as the spread of the brim. The rose corsage is red based on the original. The black ribbon tied at the neck tightens the whole.

◇ Dress
A bright red one-piece dress that symbolizes crimson. The fabric is made of the most suitable velor material from a number of candidates, and has a realistic feel with a moist feel and a glossy texture. The tops, which are hidden by the cape and are not normally visible, are lined with black lace to switch the yoke, and the rose decoration buttons are completely reproduced. The skirt part is a specification that can reproduce an elegant drape.

◇ Cape
The cape, which greatly changes the overall silhouette, adds an accent to a simple dress. An item that gives a crisp and luxurious feel to the crimson and creates a more severe atmosphere.

White drawers long enough to cover your knees. A simple design with a bulge through the hem. It is one of the essential components for reproducing realistic crimson.

◇ Pannier
Pannier using white and transparent fabric. Spread the A line of the dress beautifully. The frills that can be seen from the hem are like a bouquet.

◇ Socks
Simple white socks. Although it is an inflatable white color, we have succeeded in producing a slender and beautiful silhouette by carefully adjusting the shape of the doll.

◇ Strap shoes
Black shoes with a rose corsage. The ribbon strap can be easily removed with snap buttons. Please pay attention to the precise stitches.

◇ Mainspring
Essential "spring" for rose maiden. Specially designed according to the setting. Whether you become a crimson contractor, please enjoy your own story.

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
*Normal skin
*Girl Body-2 (Three-parts body)
*Bust size S
・Make Up
*Crimson custom make-up
*Crimson custom wig (7-8inch)
*Crimson custom-made eye (14mm)
・Outfit / Dress
*Drape specification. Since the dough is collected on the back waist, you will have to arrange and shape it yourself.
* Strap shoes

It will be delivered sequentially from December 2021. (* It may change significantly depending on the order and production situation.)
We will deliver in stages in the confirmed order. Please be aware that some of the orders will eventually be delivered after 2022.

This is a limited-time order, but if the planned quantity is exceeded, the order may be closed without notice.

©PEACH-PIT, Shueisha/Rozen Maiden Production Committee
Publisher: Borderless, Inc.