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"The Count of Monte Cristo Cast doll" of the "Character Doll", main image.
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--Size Notation--

Height (head excluded): 60cm
Neck: 10.5cm
Shoulder width: 14cm
Arm: 20cm
Wrist: 6cm
Chest circumference: 28cm
Hip circumference: 21cm
Hip: 26cm
Foot length: 33.7cm
Thigh: 16.5cm
Foot length: 8.5cm
Ankle: 9cm
Wig: 7-8inch
Eye: 14mm


Prototype production: I.O.S
Hitomi: Count Monte Cristo-Special Color
Wig: Special Edition of Count Monte Cristo
Head: “The King of Cave” Earl of Monte Cristo-Original Head
Body: IOS Earl Monte Cristo Special Body
Skin: Special order gray skin of Count Monte Cristo

Character Doll-I.O.S

The Count of Monte Cristo Cast doll

sold out Limited Full Set DOLL 70cm Boy
Order Start Date: Jul. 06, 2020, 12:00 a.m.
*Time zone is JST UTC+9

The Count of Monte Cristo, a mysterious gentleman who came from the Eastern space, suddenly became a star of the Paris society with its fascinating looks and witty conversation.

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The anime “Gankutsuou” has celebrated 15 years since the 2004 when it was started to broadcast. It created a beautiful world view with its characteristic texture expression and became a hot topic.
This time, we thoroughly researched and recreated the "Gankutsuou".
In particular, the fabric materials were carefully selected for the production of costumes, and the textures that express the work were fully reflected. In addition, I.O.S is responsible for the prototype production, and a beautiful head that faithfully reproduced the original was completed.

"Long hair, well-prepared beards, and odd eyes (the colors of both irises are different) are realistic and majestic.
The focus was on costumes. In order to express the unique texture of the work as a doll costume, we thoroughly researched everything from materials to decoration.
The suit was embroidered and printed to express the original red flame-like pattern, and the lining used smooth materials. We are proud of its superb degree of perfection.
Be sure to check out “The Count of Monte Cristo”, which has an overwhelming beauty. "

The Count of Monte Cristo Cast doll Special Site

◇ Cloak
A cloak that wraps around the body. The front is solid black and the back is a material which has a nice hand feeling and the pattern. The contrast between the front and back of the cloak which is appear when you wear it is so elegant. it complete reproduction of characteristic textures.
◇ Jacket
The black jacket that reproduces the original texture. The sleeves are decorated with characteristic red embroidery and prints, and the design is recreated with careful embroidery on the edge of the sleeves.
◇ Shirt
It is a white shirt with a wing collar. It is made with the original design, including the neck silhouette and the decoration of the red jewel on the sleeve.
◇ Pants
The trousers have a slim design with no deflection, tailored to the tall style. It is possible to create a smart impression by putting a shirt in the pants.
◇ Scarf
The scarf is faithfully reproduced the original design and pattern. It is completed in a tied state and put easily with a snap button.
◇ Glove
Elastic white cloth glove. It is measured according to the big hand and can be installed without difficulty. Pintack is given on the back.
◇ Make-up
The face make‐up applied to the gray skin enhances realistic modeling. The entire head is applied make-up with a strong blue-gray color, which is the color of the Count. Golden lines are drawn around the eye holes and ears, and they are finished in high quality up to the fine points.
◇ Eyes
The custom-made resin eyes have a red iris for the right eye and a green iris for the left eye. The upturned slit eyes give off a sharp light.
◇ Shoes
Black boots made of hard material that firmly supports the body. It is detachable with a heel zipper that balances design and functionality.

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
・Make Up
* Custom Make-up The Count of Monte Cristo
* Custom-made Wig (7-8inch)The Count of Monte Cristo
* Custom-made Eye (14mm)The Count of Monte Cristo
・Outfit / Dress
* Coat
* Jacket
* Shirt
* Pants
* Scarf
* Glove
* Boots
* Special specification box

(C) 2004 Mahiro Maeda / GONZO / KADOKAWA
Publisher: Borderless Inc.