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""Attack on Titan" The Captain Levi Cast Doll 
(Study Corps ver.)" of the "Character Doll", main image.
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※ It is a Limited Time but will end as soon as the reserved quantity is reached.
※ We will send you a reservation completion email when your reservation is complete.

※ Product delivery will be delivered sequentially from May 2020.
(Depending on the situation of production.)
※Domestic shipping costs will be charged separately.

- Size Notation -

Height: 58.5cm
Height: 52.5cm (not including head)
Neck: 9cm
Shoulder width: 13cm
Bust: 24cm
Arm: 18.7cm
Hand: 5.8cm
Waist: 19.5cm
Hip: 23cm
Leg: 32.6cm
Foot size : 7.5 cm
Ankle: 7.3 cm
Wig: 8.5 inch
Eye: 14 mm


Prototype: IOS
Hitomi: Captain Levi-Special Color
Wig: Captain Levi Special Specification
Head: " Attack on Titan " Captain Levi-Original Head
Body: IOS Captain Levi Special Body

Character Doll-I.O.S

"Attack on Titan" The Captain Levi Cast Doll
(Study Corps ver.)

Limited Time Limited Full Set DOLL 60cm Boy
Order Start Date: Aug. 13, 2019, 7:00 p.m.
End of Order: Sep. 16, 2019, 11:59 p.m.
*Time zone is JST UTC+9

From the "Attack on Titan", the 13th commander of the Survey Corps, "Erwin Smith" and the strongest soldier of the human race, "Levi" are finally appeared as the dolls!
Wearing a jacket of the uniform of the Survey Corps and holding an emblem called "the wing of freedom" makes us feel the confidence to face fear. It seems to symbolize that view of the world.
It is six years after unveiled in 2013, the "Captain Levi" cast doll, which boasts the refined beauty, it re-appeared in the "Survey Corps ver." in response to everyone's request!

The delicate facial makeup uses of wrinkles between the eyebrows, distinctive two-block hair with a clean impression, and the distinctive sanpaku eyes (eyes with visible white between the iris and the lower eyelid) reproduce the expression that looks at the world with a breezy look.
On the other hand, the white cravat, which symbolizes nobles, has a noble atmosphere and is well suited with Levi.

◇The first edition “Survey Corps Ver.”, the second edition “Captain in the Cleaning Ver.”, the third edition “Captain in plain clothes Ver.”, and the fourth edition “Underground Street Era Ver.” were sold out with a big response.
And the Survey Corps Ver. has re-appeared to respond to the re-sale requests. It is produced by I.O.S, who has received high acclaim for its realistic modeling, it has been made three-dimensional as a character doll with the original beauty of Captain Levi.

◇With delicate makeup that makes use of wrinkles between the eyebrows and eyes looking at the world as annoying and the clean two-block wig, are finished that you can feel the characteristics and charm of Captain Levi.

◇The costumes are equipped with the Survey Corps jacket, a belly protector, long boots, a cloak, and cravat. The cravat is used in men's formal dress. And it impresses the Captain Levi's image, pursues a luxurious feel and shape, and it is finished suitable for Captain Levi.

◇The super hard blade and the three-dimensional mobile device with damage processing that reproduces the attachment and removal gimmick of the holder and the blade are finished as a real item on a doll scale. And, the leather belt set that supports them is easily removable even though it has a complicated structure. It combines a luxurious feel and functionality.

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【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
・Make Up
* Levi special order makeup
* Levi special order wig
* Levi special order eye
・Outfit / Dress
* Survey Corps jacket
* Crabat
* Belly protector
* Leather belt set
* Cloak
* Shirt
* Trousers
* Long boots
* Special specification box
・ Three-dimensional mobile device
・ Super hard blade
・ Instruction manual

Hajime Kuwayama / Kodansha / " Attack on Titan " Production Committee © DOLK
Publisher: Borderless Inc.