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"[Limited]RealFee Rian Full Package (Dragon of 
Fire)" of the "FAIRY LAND", main image.
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Image Skin Color: Natural

[RealFee Body Measurement (Boy / Girl)]
Height: 19cm
Weight: 120g
Head: 14.8cm / 14.6cm
Neck: 3.7cm
Shoulder width: 4.7cm
Shoulder to wrist: 5.4cm
Elbow to wrist: 2.5cm
Length of back: 3.5 cm
Chest: 9.9 cm / 10.1 cm
Waist: 10.5 cm / 10.0 cm
Hip: 12.3 cm / 12.5 cm
Hip to knee: 4.9 cm
Knee to ankle: 3.1 cm
Ankle: 3.0 cm
Feet: 3.0 cm


[Limited]RealFee Rian Full Package (Dragon of

Maker order Limited Full Set DOLL 10cm Boy
Order Start Date: May 29, 2019, 9:00 a.m.
*Time zone is JST UTC+9

※ This is limited items, no prior notice upon sold out.
※ Depending on the timing of your order and payment, we may not accept your order upon checking.

Selling Price:

Buy it and earn: Points per item

Eye (upgrade) option:

Skin color option:

Sleeping Face Makeup Options:

Dragon Parts Option:

Dragon Wing Parts Option:


This item will be shipped from KOREA

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
Rian Default face + Boy body + Default Hands
Sleeping Face
Dragon horn (clear red, unpainted)
・Make Up
5 - 6 inch
・Outfit / Dress
Dragon of Fire: The same clothes set as the picture is included.
Clear blue, unpainted