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Asleep Eidolon




1/4 Girl (42-43cm)

"(Instant Delivery)Mermaid Dione - Fullset
With Makeup - with Tattoo (face only)
Normal Skin" of the "Asleep Eidolon", main image.
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Image Skin color: Normal Skin

【Girl body (42cm) Mesurements】
Height: 43 cm
Height (exclude head): 37 cm
Head: 18 cm
Neck: 6.7 cm
Shoulder Width: 9 cm
Bust: 18.5 cm
Waist: 14.5 cm
Hip: 20.3 cm
Wrist: 4.3 cm
Upper arm: 5.8 cm
Lower arm: 5.4 cm
Arm length: 13 cm
Leg length: 19.5 cm
Thighs: 11.4 cm
Calf: 8 cm
Foot length: 5.5 cm
Foot width: 2.3 cm

Asleep Eidolon-DOLL

(Instant Delivery)Mermaid Dione - Fullset
With Makeup - with Tattoo (face only)
Normal Skin

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【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
* Head + mermaid body
Human parts (lower body)
Normal Skin
* Mermaid ear A & B type 1 set each, fish fin A & B 1 set each,
One set of tail A & B type each
Small Breast - parts
③ - Parts color
・Make Up
* Face Makeup - with Tattoo (face only)
* Body make-up - (without Tattoo Body make-up)
・Glass eyes
· Seashell undergarment, transparent harp (no paint)
Pearl White Hair band - Accessory