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Limited Doll


Ancient Legends Grace (68 cm)

"【Limited】  Chaos Beast Version" of the "LOONG SOUL DOLL", main image.
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Image Skin color: French white

【B-B68-01 Body Size】
Height: 68 cm
Neck: 10 cm
Shoulder width: 16 cm
Chest: 30.5 cm
Waist: 20.7 cm
Hip: 26.5 cm
Arm: 9.7 cm
Arm length: 26 cm
Shoulder to wrist: 21 cm
Leg length: 35 cm
Thigh: 16.5 cm
Calf: 12 cm
Foot length: 7.7 cm
Foot width: 2.7 cm
Head: 20.5 cm
Eye: 14 mm


【Limited】 Chaos Beast Version

Maker order Limited DOLL 60cm Boy
Order Start Date: Jul. 29, 2017, 9:00 p.m.
*Time zone is JST UTC+9

※ This is limited items, no prior notice upon sold out.
※ Depending on the timing of your order and payment, we may not accept your order upon checking.

Chaos Release Event

① During the event period, the new doll Chaos Beast ver. Full set of Human ver. HuangLin " When ordering, You will have a discount of 12% from the order price!
※ Optional body make-up fee will be discounted from the total price.
※ We will correct the price after ordering.

② During the event period, new doll Chaos Beast ver. Human ver. HuangLin " When ordering, we will give you 10% discount on the doll body!
※ We will correct the price after ordering.

Event period
From July 29,2017 until August 21,2017

Payment period
August 21,2017

Selling Price:

Buy it and earn: Points per item

Body make-up options:

Make-up options:

Body Type Options:

Skin color options:

Wig Option:

Clothes Option:

Part Make Option:


This item will be shipped from CHINA

【Clothes Option Set Contents】
Sleeveless top, black dress, black belt, coat

【About Part Make Option】
Wing shoulder armor, helmet with makeup option.

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
・Glass eyes
14 mm (random)
Wing shoulder armor, helmet