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Dollshe Craft





Dollshe Craft-DOLL

Grant Phillippe – CLASSIC (70cm) Limited Edition

Maker order sold out DOLL 70cm Boy

[Discount Offer as We Open 「Dollshe Craft」Order!]

As we commemorate of the start handling 「Dollshe Craft」order we will offer this item along with other items of 30%.

Campaign Period: From March 13-20, 2017.

Selling Price:

Buy it and earn: Points per item

Additional Head (SA: Sleeping) & Skin Color Options:

Additional Flip Flop Foot Part Option:

Lip modeling option:

Skin color options:

Body type options:

Additional hand parts option (Smoking hand):

Additional Hand Part Option (Grass Holding Hand):

Additional Hand Part Option (West Hand):

Make-up options:

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This item will be shipped from KOREA

【About flip-flop foot parts】
You can purchase additional foot parts apart from the first toe and second toe.
(1 pair of left foot, right foot)

【About Skin Color Option】
(Pure) & (Honey) Skin color used a different Materials。
(Pure) use conventional resin whle (Honey) use ultraviolet rays resistant resin.

【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)

[Body Size Measurement]

28M CLASSIC Size & Measurements

Head circumference 8 in-8.5 in
Neck girth 130 mm
Chest 370 mm
Waist 265 mm
Hips 325 mm
Upper leg girth 210 mm
Lower leg girth 150 mm
Upper arm girth 115 mm
Lower arm girth 110 mm
Wrist girth 70 mm
Ankle girth 90 mm

Height 700 mm
Shoulder width 170 mm
Arm length 210 mm
Leg length 360 mm
Back length 170 mm
Hand length 75 mm
Foot length 105 mm
Foot width 37 mm
Pubic bone to tip of foot length 420 mm

Eyes 14 mm

Weight 2,720 g