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Asleep Eidolon




1/3 Girl (58cm-63cm)

"lynn 60cm girl" of the "Asleep Eidolon", main image.
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Image Skin Color: Normal Skin

【1/3 Girl 63cm Body Size】
Height: 63cm
Height (exclude head): 56cm
Neck circumference: 8.9cm
Shoulder width: 9.8cm
Bust: 26.7cm
Under Bust: 21.5cm
Waist: 17.4cm
Hip: 26.5cm
Navel to soles of feet: 41.3cm
Leg length: 34cm
Arm length: 17.5cm
Thigh: 15.7cm
Calf: 11cm
Foot length: 7cm
Foot width: 2.6cm

Asleep Eidolon-DOLL

lynn 60cm girl

Maker order Basic DOLL 60cm Girl

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【Set Contents】
・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)
・Glass eyes