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"1/6 Neutrual Body - TNB01" of the "AIMERAI", main image.
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【Body Size】
Height (with head): 25cm
Height (without head): 20.5cm
Head Circumference: 14.5cm
Neck Circumference: 5.5cm
Shoulder Width: 6cm
Arm Length: 7cm
Chest Circumference: 13cm
Waist Circumference: 11cm
Hip Circumference: 14cm
Thigh Circumference: 8cm
Leg Length: 11cm
Foot Length: 3.8cm
Foot Width: 1.5cm


1/6 Neutrual Body - TNB01

Maker order Basic Parts 30cm Boy Girl

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This item will be shipped from CHINA

【Set Contents】
*The head is not included in this order.

*Please Note, there is no prior notice upon sold-out of any or both colors. We will notify you as soon as you place this order.