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Top 7 Types of Dolls Good for Children

In one of our previous article, we talked about the various types of dolls that any doll collector, or doll lover perhaps, should at least be familiar with. It includes antique dolls from the previous era and various cultures. It also listed some of the most popular and traditional dolls across other old civilizations.

Back in the old times, dolls are mostly used to express emotions, faith, and of course, art. But nowadays, dolls are now treated more than just toys for kids, they are now even loved as grown-up collectibles.While some of these dolls can be truly attractive to everyone of all ages, there may be some that are not totally recommended for your kids. It could be because of the materials used, it could be because of its complexity. Nevertheless, there is still those dolls ideal for your child.


Certainly, there are some factors that we need to consider when we want our kids to have dolls. With the variety of choices in the market, having the perfect one could somehow be a challenge. Now, where would we begin to consider things about the perfect doll for our kids?

1. AGE

Kids about 2-3 years old would surely enjoy cuddling with dolls. They are less likely to be capable of actively doing pretend-play with their dolls at their age. So, in this case, we should offer them dolls that are very cuddly, soft, and of course, durable. It should also be important that the dolls don’t have long, heavy hairs that kids could possibly chew on or cut into pieces. It should also be noted that these dolls will be exposed entirely to any possible stains from foods and other materials in the house, so the best way is to have a doll that has washable cloth and dolls that are machine-wash ready.

Kids 4 years old and more are good enough to play with another type of dolls. One advantage of dolls for kids that every parent should consider is the fact that it could help in developing the child’s motor skills and develop their creativity. It could greatly wow them to have dolls that they could easily play with. The kind of dolls that could dance, sing, or talk perhaps.

For 6-7 onward, kids at these ages can be pretty playful when it comes to toys that are handed to them.  This time, we can give them dolls that they can actively play into like choosing the dress, combing the hair, fixing the accessories, and other stuff. Also, it is important to consider the durability of the dolls.


Apart from your child’s age, we should also consider the personality of every child that should have a doll on. Basically, there are dolls that would be perfect for those toddlers, there are those good for fashionable and playful kids, also there are some dolls that would be perfect for kids that wanted to act up like an adult taking care of a baby.


1. Waldorf Dolls

A Waldorf doll is a form of doll compatible with Waldorf (or Steiner) education philosophies. It is intentionally made of simple materials like fine woolen or cotton fabric and is filled with pure wool and other natural fiber materials for the hair. These dolls are developed with the influence of the traditional European doll-making techniques.

Additionally, these types of dolls are perfect for kids to develop their imagination and creativity. The doll has a simple and neutral expression and its legs and arms are soft and flexible that allow natural postures. Depending on the age and personality of the kids, they can either play it as a simple pillow doll or style the doll with knotted handkerchiefs or take care the hair and add colorful hats.

2. Corolle Toddler Dolls

Corolle is a baby doll company that started in France way back in 1979. The said company has been providing children with lifelong companions with their uniquely scented dolls. Corolle offers different size dolls with sleeping eyes to mirror these developmental stages, as well as many doll accessories and fashions that are easy to put on and take off.  These dolls have unique features, as they have been created with the mission to provide a doll that is right for the child’s stage of development.

Types of dolls

3. American Girl Dolls

Those who grew up in the ‘90s would probably know a thing or two about American Girl. The American Girl dolls provide an alternative to baby and adult dolls. It all started when a former educator and textbook writer Pleasant Rowland noticed the gaps in the toy industry for younger aged dolls. In 1986, she then founded the Pleasant Company and started manufacturing dolls that are the same age as the girls playing them. It also included books and other accessories to teach some history about each girl and her era in history. Eventually, after years of success, the company was sold to Mattel – the world’s leading toy company. You can check some of the American Girl dolls in history here.

4. My Twinn Dolls

My Twinn Dolls were founded in 1993 by John Kurdika, an emergency room physician, and Lisa Driscoll, a former account executive for a children’s entertainment company. Dr. Kurdika believed that replica dolls help to build a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, these custom-made figures are used as an emotional aid for sick children under his care. These dolls are made to resemble the looks of the ‘30s kid. The very first sets of this kind of dolls were very expensive, when My Twinn offered custom dolls to the mass market at their price point, it became one of their accomplishments.

5. Barbie Dolls

Barbie Dolls are fashion dolls made by Mattel, Inc. company. It was officially launched to the toy industry on March 9, 1959. Her signature ponytail characterized her debut, but now various styles had been made and applied to other Barbie doll varieties. Barbie is the figurehead brand of Mattel dolls and accessories. Its popularity is evident when the original dolls were expanded into the media featuring movies, TV series, music albums, and a lot more.

6. Bratz Dolls

Bratz dolls are fashion dolls manufactured by MGA Entertainment since 2001. They are designed to resemble teenagers with almond-shaped eyes adorned with eyeshadow, and lush, glossy lips. Because of Bratz Dolls success, MGA Entertainment widens the offer with Lil’ Bratz, Bratz Boyz, Bratz Kidz, Bratz Babyz, Itsy Bitsy Bratz, Bratz Lil’ Angelz, Be-Bratz and Bratz Petz lines.

7. Ball-jointed Dolls

Ball jointed dolls are the type of articulated dolls which are made from the interconnected ball and socket joints. Most often, they are made from hard plastic materials that are strung together with elastic – polyurethane synthetic resin. What makes these dolls very interesting is the fact that owners can freely customize their own BJD to suit their wants and needs. They can be dressed according to the owner’s style and even change hairstyle and wigs, eye color, eye shape, makeup, shoes and everything in between.

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