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Custom dolls are dolls that have been customized into unique looks or characters. There are a lot of online stores that offer an array of services promising for making a doll after your likeness.

With the hype of custom dolls these days, it is no brainer that there are still people out there who splurge to collect these dolls. Check out some of these custom doll makers.

1. Porcelain BJD Dolls by Forgotten Hearts

When you want to level up your BJD collection, might as well invest in porcelain bjd’s that are made with highly complex processes. Forgotten Hearts offer customers with custom porcelain adult lady, boy, or girl BJD.

Purchasing a nude doll set includes magnet wig, clear resin stand, and a luxury box. You can choose any face, hair color, and eye color available on their site for customization. You can purchase dolls available on the site, but you can also purchase unique dolls especially created according to your style and preferences.

Custom Dolls | Dolly

2. Dolly Custom

DollyCustom – Blythe Doll Customizers is an online project with the purpose of gathering all artists that create amazing Blythe doll customs. DollyCustom also features a weekly selection of custom Blythe dolls for sale (on Etsy) and selected auctions available through eBay.

3. Custom Doll Baby

This site is where you can order handcrafted baby dolls that look and feel like real babies. These reborn baby dolls are lifelike babies meticulously painted, rooted and assembled to be as real as possible. Fro hair color to eye color to mood, you order a custom design your baby to your specifications.

Custom Dolls | American Girl

4. American Girl

You can experience the fun of creating your own custom dolls in American Girl through 3 easy steps. First, you choose from various combinations to create your own one of kind dolls and apparel. Next, sign up and create an account to save your creations and build a personality for your dolls. Lastly, order your creations online. Your One of a Kind* doll purchase includes your choice of outfit and accessory set, personalized doll keepsake box.

5. Phoebe and Egg

Almost half of the orders for this site are custom dolls. Some customers are free to suggest ideas on how to customize their dolls. In this website, there can be many different styles of Phoebe dolls. It can be a character in a book or a movie, or it can resemble your child, a toddler, a baby, can be jointed, poseable or floppy.

6. Beautifully Custom

Beautifully Custom is located in the United States and offer the highest quality of doll artistry and doll customizing. This website helps you make your dream doll come true. Aside from that, most products offered by this site is their special limited and exclusive doll wigs. Even though others may create look-a-like wigs, you really and truly can’t find a Beautifully Custom wig anywhere other than Beautifully Custom! All styles, colors, and design are original art as they strive to offer you the best and most uniquely special doll customizing experience.

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