The Perfect Day

Author: Volpe

It was a perfect day. October 31, the very day of her birthday. Her friends made a party for her to celebrate. She dressed up like the dark priest and everything was fantastic.

But the thing that bothered her the most was the fact of celebrating her birthday with a boyfriend – for the first time.

– Hi, Sarah! – he said when he saw her. – Enjoying your spooky birthday? I have a big surprise for you!

– Really? But it’s not a surprise if you’ll tell me about it.

– Oh, no, sweetie, it’s not like that! You will love it, I promise!

Sarah couldn’t help it. She was so happy.

Of course, all her friends came along. Suddenly she felt so excited for the ongoing evening.

– Come on! Let me show you something.

They went on the street and all their friends walked with them. They shouted and laughed when Paulina – Sarah’s best friend – said:

– Believe me, it’s the best!

“Does she already know about this?” – Sarah thought.

Finally, they came to the old buildings on the bank of the river. It was almost midnight and Sarah was shivering from the dampness in the air.

– What is it? A spooky house? – she asked. She wasn’t afraid at all. Mark smiled at her.

– Oh no! Much better.

They came inside. Someone already lights up some candles so they could see what’s going on. And then she saw it. A big pentagram on the floor. It looked like it was drawn a long time ago – some lines were almost unnoticeable. And the dark red color of these lines made her think of blood.

– Wow, – she said. – Did you do it for me?

– Actually, we found it a few days ago, – Paulina answered. – We don’t know who did it. But there was also an ancient looking book with spells and some dusty coats.

Well, it was a pretty good joke after all.

– Do you want to evoke the devil? – asked Mark.

– Yes, sure! Must be so much fun!

They’ve dressed up and Mark gave her the book. Everybody felt the importance of that moment and were kinda tragic and serious. This whole situation almost made Sarah burst into laughter. She was pretty sure it was one of their pranks. Finally, everyone took a place on the points of the star.

– What will you wish? – Mark asked playfully.

– What about making this day go on forever? – she said smiling.

And so they began. She read the strange spell and even though she couldn’t understand a single word, it sounded so mysteriously and cool! When she stopped reading, her friends carefully repeated the lines. When they finished Paulina asked:

– Where’s Tom?

Sure. Now he disappeared to scare her later. Oh no, she’ll be ready. After a minute of silence and hesitation… something touched her legs. She yelped and jumped back. Of course, it was their stupid…

But something was definitely wrong.

Mark run to a lying on the floor body and tried to turn it over. When he finally managed to do it, everyone gasped in shock. It was Tom’s… with the blood all over his face.

– Come on, it’s not funny anymore, – whispered Sarah. Mark gave her a glance and shrugged shoulders. It seemed he was scared too. No one could say a word.

And then something broke away from Tom’s body. That thing cut Mark’s throat in one single moment and Sarah shouted. It did not seem like a joke at all! Everyone panicked, Paulina ran to the door but it was closed. Something raised Tom’s body and came for the next prey. Oliver could not run fast and he had to die. Then it was Lesley who tried to hide away and eventually failed. Sarah saw how her friend could not get anything done, but she was unable to help anyone, motionless, frozen in one place.

And when it came for her she finally made herself run. It was a big building – she went to the second floor, found some small dark room and shut the door. Her heart was beating like crazy and she wanted to cry. Why her happiest day became the worst? She couldn’t believe it really happened. After a long pause filled only with her heavy breaths, someone knocked on the door…

– Didn’t you want that day lasting forever? – asked someone. Sarah took the breath. She didn’t want to die. But her friends… Oh, this night was so terrifying, like a nightmare that didn’t seem to end. Finally, the voice spoke again.

– As you wish, – was the only thing that terrible voice said. Darkness took over the room and Sarah felt like losing her consciousness.


It was a perfect day. Her birthday and Halloween, and her friends made a really great party for her. Mark, her boyfriend, took her hand into his and said:

– I have a surprise for you. Do you want to see it?

Sarah froze. She felt like it already happened. And that strange dream she had… Was it really a dream?

They came to the dark building and she already knew what she’ll see. She didn’t want her nightmare come true.

“Let’s go away from here. Please, let’s go”.

She stayed voiceless and motionless.

– Do you want to evoke the devil? – asked Mark with a smile.

“No”, – she thought. – “Not again”.

No. Say no.

She shouted inside.

– Sure. It must be so much fun, – she said.

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