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Sick And Tired Of Doing BJD Outfit the Old Way? Read This

Nowadays, the market offers a wide range of selection of clothes for your ball-jointed dolls. There are different styles to choose from, different themes, and different sizes as well.

If you had been following our posts, we had shared with you dearest customers, some tips on how to dress up your dolls like a pro in this article. As you all need to know, every BJD collector doesn’t have to be a professional fashion designer to slay your doll outfits, you just need to be as creative as possible and let your imagination do the works.

As a BJD lover, I think one of the things we loved the most is the fact that we can easily customize our collections. With its synthetic resin or dense plastics, you can do a lot of changing on it, such as its eye color, wig, and more. If you own one, you can alter its looks to anything from realistic to exaggerated features. Check out this article to know more about some unexpected ways that you could make your doll look fancier.

In today’s modern times, most people would tend to overlook the beauty and advantage of collecting ball jointed dolls. Children and adults alike most likely prefer a lot of high-end toys and devices over dolls. There are even a lot of interactive games on the internet today that children and adult alike play hours and hours to end. However, parents should still consider the various positive effects that dolls could offer to the child’s development. Even not ball-jointed dolls, in particular, there are certain types of dolls that are very advisable for the children.

Now, let us talk about how you could get away from getting the same old outfit ideas for your ball-jointed dolls. The only thing I could think of as of now is to create your own BJD outfit as creative and unique as possible. How would you do that? Be as creative as possible, I’m giving you a list of materials that you need. You can add your own as deemed necessary for your chosen style.


General tools that you’ll need:

  1. Sewing Machine (Optional)
  2. Needle & Thread
  3. Glue Gun
  4. Knitting Needle
  5. Eyelet setting tool
  6. Hammer
  7. Scissors
  8. Pencil
  9. Marker
  10. Super Glue

Additional materials for the shoe:

  1. Fabric
  2. Thin cardboard
  3. Craft foam in black or brown (for the sole of the shoe)
  4. Decorations such as flowers, plastic gems, beads, false pearls etc.

Additional materials for the hat and necklace:

  1. Feathers, silk flowers and/or ribbons for decoration.
  2. Stretchy bead stringing cord.
  3. Small beads or imitation pearls


1. Removable Jeans for Dolls

To make pants for any size or shape of a doll, start by making a basic pants sloper fitted to your doll. Then use that to draft patterns for all styles of removable doll clothes pants and shorts. When you make the sloper for your doll, you will have the basic outlines of the doll’s shape in a flat form. Choose lightweight or well-worn denim for doll clothes. When you have the sloper pattern completed, analyze the fit which will work best for your doll.

2. DIY Coats for Any Size of Dolls

Start this out by making a basic coat pattern of your doll. The most useful basic sloper is one which is custom fitted to the bodice or torso of a doll. It can be used to make patterns for shirts, blouses, dresses, vests, coats and a range of other clothing items for male and female dolls of all shapes and sizes. Once you’ve done this, you can make a range of front opening lapel jackets and coats.

3. Weave a Garden Hat for your Doll

Using traditional techniques for weaving, you can make a miniature hat for your doll. You make the form from a roll of paper, and it can be custom sized for any size hat especially that of a doll. You can also weave it from paper, ribbon, or other flat weave materials.

4. Make a Simple Removable Doll Skirt

This is a great starter project for learning to hand sew doll clothes. The skirt or dress takes less than an hour to make, even sewing by hand.

5. Sew an Evening Dress

You can make strapless evening dress made from a simple tube of knit fabric.

6. Miniature Leggings

You can also make simple doll leggings for any size of doll using various colors and styles of fabric. Use the basic pant sloper pattern to cut the legging sections.

7. Simple Nightdress

Make simple nightdress or nightgowns for your dolls using lightweight cotton lawn with ribbon trim. You can easily make smaller sizes using cotton handkerchiefs which are the right fabric weight and have interesting patterns or embroidery.

8. Mini Swimsuit

There are easy to sew doll swimsuits that can be adapted to fit miniature dolls, fashion BJD’s or larger children’s dolls.

9. Sew a Sundress from a Fabric Rectangle

You can make the simply gathered sundress for a doll made from a simple rectangle of fabric with ribbon straps. It can be made from one piece material and can be adjusted to suit the way it has to fit over the doll’s arms, heads, or hips.

10. Necklace to Compliment your Doll Outfit

You can also add a charm necklace to your doll’s outfit. It can easily be made using beads of different styles and colors plus the use of colorful cords.

11. Make Removable Boots and Shoes for Your Doll

You can make a lot of boots for your dolls using a range of materials. You can use faux suede to make a pair of desert boots with a crepe rubber sole. You can also user faux leather fabric or fine leather. For the shoes, start by making the basic shoe pattern for your doll and adapt it a number of different styles.



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