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How You Can Make Your BJD Doll Look Funky with Amazing Accessories

BJD doll is awesome, but a major part of how yours looks will depend on you. Now that you’ve got a Forever 21 dress for your doll and she looks swanky, why not add to the glow with any of the following accessories?


Bracelets are definitely the go-to accessory that many people tend to choose when dressing up their BJD dolls. With so many types to choose from, it is very easy to clad your BJD doll in a bracelet and have her hand slay on its own, however, when purchasing one, you need to ensure that it is a perfect fit and it who fall off easily bracelets tend to be designed variously, and you need to keep the fit and features of your specific BJD doll in mind.



Earrings will also definitely work for your BJD doll. The fact that this accessory choice is also popular definitely helps its claim. You can either choose to use a simple stud, or you can at the same time opt for something bigger and much more pronounced. All you need to keep in mind is what your BJD doll is wearing her fashion choice will definitely play a major role in deciding what type of earring that you’ll eventually get her

A tiara

Let the princess in your BJD doll find expression, will you?

A tiara is a perfect way to ‘doll up’ your BJD doll, but you should also know that tiaras are not like bracelets or any other accessory that you can just whip out any day. A tiara s usually reserved for the most special occasions, and they are only worn once in a blue moon. Just like earring, a tiara choice will definitely depend on what your doll I wearing, but you can easily get a popular style and let t do the talking.

A necklace

Necklaces are definitely an awesome accessory choice as well, and they have the ability to add a nice complement to your BJD doll’s entire fashion ensemble (while also making her neck stand out)

A ring

Although quite rare, you can also choose to adorn your BJD doll’s finger with a ring. The only thing you have to be careful of- just like as it is with a bracelet- is how well it fits her.

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