Why Does Dressing Up Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) Properly Is An Advantage?

There are a lot of reasons why we do things the way things are. Reasons may vary from what we believe in and what the society thinks. Cultures and religion may also affect how we perceive things. The way we cook, we dress, we speak, and even the way we think about dolls. Yet, no matter what we do all these things, this would only lead to our own satisfaction. The way we cook may differ because we have our own satisfaction to fill up. The way we dress and speak may vary between cultures and race.

So, why does dressing up Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) properly is an advantage? There are a lot of reasons why dressing up properly a ball jointed doll is an advantage and some of them are being illustrated on a previous blog “5 Tips on how not to mess up your Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) while dressing up”. Somehow all these reasons have the same conclusion, and it is for your own benefits that would lead to your own satisfaction. Likewise, the way we dress up BJD may also vary from what we have learned from previous experience or maybe from reading articles with regards to dressing up BJD.

Below are listed off reasons why dressing up properly a BJD is an advantage

BJD WORLD - Dressing Up | Avoidance of any damages


1. Avoidance or prevention of any damages that would incur a sum of money.

As the famous quotation from Benjamin Franklin says, “. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is very applicable not just in the medical field but also in everyday life and in dressing up your doll. It means that it is better to stop something from happening in the first place than to deal with it after it has already happened. By knowing the proper way of dressing up your BJD, you could already avoid the soon to come incident.

Taken for example with regards to washing your hands before touching your BJD, you could prevent the damage of the resin, which is a protective barrier of your doll, and prolong the normal color of the doll by just doing such little effort. Knowing also that there are some fabrics that could stain your doll, you could take the safer route and prevent it from getting stained. These preventions ultimately have the same conclusion which is about avoiding of paying too much if in case there are some damages incurred with the doll.

BJD WORLD - Dressing Up | Hassle Free To Dress Up

2. It is Hassle-Free

As an informed consumer on how to dress up your doll properly, it will be easier to find what you want for your BJD because you already know what is best for them. Shopping for the dresses you want for them becomes ten times easier. You will know what fabrics are best, what colors are worst. The stretchier or lighter the fabrics are, the better, and avoid buying clothes if the fabrics are dark or dyed.

This does not only affect the way you shop clothes but also the way you dress your BJD. In most cases, when dressing up BJD, there are times when some unnecessary string would get stuck at your doll’s hands or feet. But by placing small plastics that could fit in your doll’s hands and feet, you could avoid some hindrances when you dress it up.

Knowing what to wear and how to wear something becomes hassle-free. Although there are some cases that would affect the time rate of how you dress up. Girls tend to need a longer time to just dress up, one reason is they don’t know what to wear exactly (even though their cabinets are full of dress and clothes), while boys on the other simply wear what they are comfortable with. In cases about dressing up dolls, even though you have a lot of dress for them but knowing what is appropriate for them makes it hassle-free.

BJD WORLD - Dressing Up |  Freedom and enhancement

3. Freedom and enhancement of creative skills.

Dressing dolls “properly” does not only mean by simply following the “how to” and rules of how should it be done, but it also means an enhancement of creative skills. It does not limit you to simply abide by the rules of engaging with your dolls. Rather, it lets you enhance your skills and nurture it.

You might think that because there are some certain rules in dressing up your doll and disadvantages if you would not follow it, you could not improve your artistic perspective about BJD’s. Somehow this limits the customization of BJDs but actually, in an interview with Andrea of Angeltoast, BJDs are treated as “beautiful canvass with almost endless potential for customization and they can have such strong personalities.” Some doll owners take to creating almost all of the customizations of their doll themselves, which can then be entered into competitions at BJD-related conventions and events. These customizations can be in the face-up, wig, clothing, or modifications of the doll.

Dress up to stand out.

People dress up properly for different reasons and science proves that dressing up properly boost their ability to think more practically. The reason why people dress up is not so much different from how BJDs should also be dressed. Knowing what to dress and how to dress up your dolls draws the right kind of attention for them. Dressing up properly is the first step to attracting and keeping wanted attention without having problems with your dolls. Peacocking is not just a practice for humans but also for your beloved dolls. It is a practice that involves dressing up in order to get noticed. The outfit of your BJD should tell people “there’s something awesomely different with this doll, but I can’t quite put my finger on it”.

Additionally, it boosts self-confidence for yourself and for your doll. Your self-perception has a great impact on how people perceive your dolls. It boosts our morale to be more creative and artistic. As your BJD stands out, it makes it looks like someone who should be respected.

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