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Alice in wonderland | DOLKUS Fashion Show Entry No. 11

Arisa Alice is a myou 1/4 doll. She’s a character very close to my heart because I created her story when I was young and bullied. As years gone by, I have revised her growth to reflect my current personality.

Arisa is about finding yourself and who you are truly are in a world where everyone wants to be happy, no matter the consequence. A selfish happiness. There are some things in life, you wish you never knew. However, Arisa is all about breaking the boundaries to discover who she truly is.

In a world gone mad, Wonderland. I make the dress myself. I’m not much of a fashionista but I pride myself on doing this dress! I scouted the material and all that. The first half of the video is a beautiful thing but I can’t say the same for the rest. It’s because I didn’t know time difference and thought I had more time to do it.

Hope you like my attempt at creating videos, it’s my first time because I’m studying how to animate!

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