Unique Dolls Makers

10 Unique Dolls Makers You Never Knew Existed

As we all know, dolls come in different sizes, colors, costumes, and style. Each unique doll personality differs in where they are manufactured and how they are made.

With so many doll makers around the world, it is sometimes hard to distinguish and know each doll manufacturer. Each doll maker creates dolls with a different image, characteristics, and overall appearance.

Let us take a look at the ten unique doll makers that you have probably never heard of:

1.   Marlaine Verhelst Dolls

Marlaine Verhelst, a Europe-based doll maker, started making dolls after her education at the Art Academy in 1975. The idea all started when she saw her teacher create dolls for her children to play.

The first dolls that Verhelst created were from air drying clays with no polymers. She then changed up her methods and learned the ways of how to create dolls that are made of porcelain.

She has always been a fan of theater and fairy tales, which are all apparent in her eccentric doll collections. Aside from dolls, she also creates animal toys that are made up of wood powder and Styrofoam.

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2.     Alexander Doll Company

“Love is in the details.”

The Alexander Doll Company vows to create their dolls with love and passion. Each doll feature upholds the tradition of their quality work. Alexander Doll Company is a New York-based manufacturer of collectible dolls. Founded by Beatrice Alexander in 1923, the company has continued to build up its name in the doll industry up until now.

Madame Alexander, as she is fondly called, started styling dolls that replicated famous personalities, characters in books, films, music, and art. One of its notable creation, “Cissy”, is the company’s first produced fashion doll. During that time, the competition was tough. Four years after releasing the doll Cissy, Barbie has started to build a name for itself.

As to continue to improve the Alexander Doll Company’s products, Madame Alexander started to make hard plastic dolls in the 1960s. As of 2016, the company has produced 6,500 dolls.

3.   Paris Doll Corporation

The Paris Doll Corporation produced hard plastic dolls in a buzzing street of New York. Their vintage dolls come in different sizes, colors, and ethnicity. One thing that makes their dolls unique is that they are all assigned to different names so that kids can feel a deeper connection with their toys.

4.   R. John Wright Company

Established in 1976 by John and Susan Wrights, R. John Wright Dolls, Inc. has since been delighting kids and doll collectors worldwide with beautifully designed and handcrafted dolls and animals.

The company is known for their realistic approach to the creation of their dolls. Each character is strictly produced in a limited number and is packaged with a signed and numbered certificate.

5.      Europlay Corporation

Europlay Corporation is the head company of the oldest German doll company, the Käthe Kruse Doll Studio. Withstanding the test of time, the doll studio continues to produce high-quality dolls and toys fit for infants and even adolescents.

The trademarks of Käthe Kruse product lines include:

–        Highest safety standards in Europe and the USA

–        Engaging the imaginative play

–        All made of natural materials

–        Limited production runs

–        Handcrafted details

–        Earth-friendly manufacturing

Each doll is carefully handcrafted and is passed through the hands of 8 to 10 artists to produce toys with exceptional qualities.

Other sub-brands of the Euro play Corporation is Selecta toys, which is also one of the most famous manufacturers of toddler toys in Germany.

6.   Silke

Silke, an associate brand of Kosen USA, Inc. has been in the doll industry for more than 90 years already. The traditional brand is famous for producing high-quality dolls and children’s toys. Its iconic design involves simple shapes, clear-colored dolls that are made of durable and safe for kids textiles.

The SILKE brand has been receiving awards from independent toy evaluators like Creative Child Magazine.

7.   Bestever USA Inc.

Considered as one of the best makers of dolls and plushies, Bestever USA Inc. creates their toys using the finest quality materials that are guaranteed to be safe for kids. The quality workmanship, attention to detail, and the strict compliance explains why Bestever USA has become one of the industry leaders when it comes to producing kids’ toys.

In addition to a range of products, the company owned factories that are able to customize items with the same levels of quality standards

8.    Playmates Toys Inc.

Playmates Toys Inc. is well-known for its dolls, figurines, and action figures that are based on pop culture.

Based in China, the manufacturing company continues to build a name in the doll industry by constantly keeping up with the trends. The range of doll characters ranges from Ninja Turtles, Ben 10, Disney fairies, princesses and princes, and other characters.

9.     YNU Group Inc

What sets the YNU Group Inc. from most of regular doll companies is their cultural relevance. To cater those kids of different colors and race, the company dedicated designed each doll with varying skin tone.

Each doll features are carefully planned to get the natural proportion of the human body.  The company aims to bring out a more realistic doll characters. The company is also involved in both manufacture and wholesale distribution of products.

10.  Corolle Dolls

With more than 30 years of effort in producing Corolle dolls, the French-based company are passionate in creating dolls that make the best playmates for children. The Corolle collection of dolls are usually manufactured with key considerations on design and fashion.

The clothing and the accessories of each dolls are tailored to fit each child’s age and growth development.

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